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Magic Moments With Boris Johnson

by | 1st, February 2008

boris-johnson-magic.jpgA PICTURE of Boris Johnson in the Mirror.


A woolly hat pulled over his haystack hair, the Tory candidate for London mayor is walking in the city in the company of two men. Johnson has his left hand stuffed in his outside jacket poket.

The two men are each reaching with their right hands inside their left inside coat pockets.

If this were America, we might suppose Johnson was about to be offed. Insterad he smirks, perhaps waiting to be presented with a huge bunch of cotton flowers, a white rabbit or Paul Daniels.

The story, and one is hardly needed, is that Johnson “refuses to apologise for failing to declare £234,000 of campaign donations”. These were not made by him, rather to him.

Johnson says he was told he did not have to register the money. He may be right. The Mirror does not say.

What we do learn is that it’s all desperately unfair, particularly in light of how Peter Hain was hounded from his job as Work And Pensions minister over undeclared funds.

“TRICKY TORY,” says the Mirror. “Shazzamm!” say the paper’s reporters.

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