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Hillary Clinton’s Fashion Disasters

by | 5th, February 2008

hillary-tragic.jpgIN US Weekly magazine, Hillary Clinton picks her all-time worst outfits.

On the creation featured here, says Hillary: “I’m a big believer in recycling — even carpets!”

Of course, in looking back and laughing along with us, Hillary may overlook the here and now.

Donatella Versace surveyed the ubiquitous Hillary trouser suit and noted: “She’s a woman and she should be able to show that. She should treat femininity as an opportunity and not try to emulate masculinity in politics.”

Hillary, who dresses like she’s about to award a vibrating club to the best female golfer, is touchy about her fashion.

A Gawker intern once endured this conversation with her Clintoness:

Me: “Senator Clinton, I must say you look splendid. Who are you wearing?”
Mrs. Clinton looks as if I have just asked her the eighth digit of Pi, but says nothing. PR minion quickly steps in.
PR minion: “What s it look like she s wearing? It s a white jacket. Just like I’m wearing a black shirt, and you re wearing a pink one.”
It appears PR minion is a master of deductive reasoning. This is going to be a fierce battle of wits.
Me: “I mean, who specifically designed it?”
Awkward silence ensues
PR minion: “Who are you?”
Well played, PR minion. Well played
Me: “I’m Neel. Who are you?”
PR minion: (Avoiding my question) “I suggest you leave.”
Me: “Was I wrong to ask that question? I mean, it seems to me kind of a layup, no?”
PR minion: “How about you, me, and your boss have a little discussion about all of this.”
Me: “Easy, easy. Sheesh.”

First Ladies

blue_dress.jpgShould Hillary be judged on her fashion sense? And should she be judged against her presidential agonists or their First Ladies? Michelle Obama dresses like Oprah Winfrey’s tailor. And Cindy McCain wears polo necks that make her seem as if she’s being piped atop a additive-laced cake.

Hillary presents an opportunity for designers. We don’t expect to see her in a blue dress over a snappy thong, but she is attracting excitement.

It was the esteemed St Louis Post Dispatch that reported how “the fight to dress Hillary Clinton is turning into a wild, rocky ride, with New York, Los Angeles and Arkansas designers all vying for her favor.”

Arkansas awaits…

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