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Hillary Clinton Funding Problems And Mehmet Celebi

by | 7th, February 2008

AS noted: Kurdish News reports that the producer of the film “Valley of the Wolves-Irak” is a donor to Hillary Clinton and was appointed a delegate by Hillary Clinton to the Democratic National Convention later this year:

Hillary Clinton has recently employed Mehmet Celebi, a Turkish ultra-nationalist – who has worked on and raised money for various anti-American, anti-Armenian, anti-Semitic and anti-Kurdish projects – as one of her delegates for her campaign for President of the United States.

This is not surprising when knowing that the Clinton Administration has been one of the most pro-Turkish U.S. administrations in the history of the U.S. donating more military arms to Turkey than all the other U.S. presidents combined.

And the film is of interest because:

So what makes the film so controversial? For starters, American soldiers are portrayed as violent, brutish, trigger-happy, civilian-murdering, hyper-religious, sadistic gun-nuts. The star villain is an arrogant, murderous character named Sam Marshall (played by American actor Billy Zane), who is killed by the Turkish protagonist at the film’s end. Another stereotypical villain is a Jewish doctor (played by American actor Gary Busey) stationed at Abu Ghraib prison who extracts human organs from prisoners for export to Israel, England and the USA.

Says Gateway Pundit:

Mehmet Celebi co-owns BMH Worldwide, which produced “Valley of the Wolves-Irak.”
Mehmet Celebi is a Hillraiser for the Clintons.
Hillary Clinton accepted over $100,000 from this Holocaust denier.
Don’t expect this to make any headlines.

It already has. But, if true, does it really have anything to with Clinton? Can she check everything every donor is involved with?


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