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Archbishop Of Canterbury, Religious Fascists And A Clitoris

by | 15th, February 2008

clitoris-islam.JPGHOW do the Americans see the Rowan Williams mess? This in the American Spectator:

In his wonderfully wooly-headed interview, derived from a public lecture delivered by him at the Royal Courts of Justice, Dr. Williams called on his countrymen to arrive at “constructive accommodation” with Islamic sharia law. According to his calculations, the inclusion of sharia law into the British code of law is “unavoidable.” Thus if you are visiting London in the future and you appear in a British court, do not be surprised if it is presided over by a smiling mullah.


Since the 1930s many in the church’s leadership have been classic appeasers. They appeased the fascists. Why would we not expect them to appease religious fascists?

In the Independent, Johann Hari makes the point:

In his lecture, he worries that this could harm women – before serving up a theological gloop, saying that sharia could be reinterpreted in a way compatible with the rights of women. But if that happens, why would you need different courts? What would be the point?

Rowan Williams has singled out a group for special treatment. His views are divisive. They neglect the rights of the individual to make a choice, to interpret as they see fit.

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