Anorak | Heather Mills Is Tony Blair’s Black Rod

Heather Mills Is Tony Blair’s Black Rod

by | 25th, March 2008

heather-mills-black-rod.jpgMORE McCartney news in the Sun as the paper hears it emerge that “deluded Heather Mills lied that Tony Blair had offered her a peerage”.

No small shock to read that at the apogee of Cool Britannia, Tony Blair didn’t offer Lady Mills a knighthood, a job as Minister For All The Disabilities or the chance to use her spare leg as celebrity Black Rod as the state opening of Parliament.

Anorak cannot recall any offer being made, having spent the duration of Tony’s Cool Period with its hand over it eyes, fingers in ears singing the first verse to Cliff Richard’s seminal paean to youth, The Young Ones.

The Sun, though, was listening in wrapt awe, and hears how then plain Heather Mills was, as she claims, offered a “people’s peer” gong.

The claim forms a pivotal moment in ITV’s McCartney vs McCartney: The Ex Files.

On the show, Sunday Times writer Jasper Gerard, to whom she made the claim, says: “I was pretty gobsmacked that somebody who was essentially just a model and a bit of a part-time campaigner best known for being Paul McCartney’s girlfriend should be offered a peerage.”

The Sun says it’s all a lie.

But we can only say by way of defence that Tony was young and meant everything he said at the time…

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