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Madeleine McCann: Inside Kate McCann’s Diary, The Care Blairs And Algarve Paedos

by | 14th, September 2008

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann

NEWS OF THE WORLD (front page): “Kate’s Diary”

Here’s the news you’ve been waiting for. Here are selected extracts from Kate McCanns’ diary that was leaked on July 28, 2008. It is now September and the NOTW has the, er, scoop.

“For the first time the heartbreaking TRUTH that destroys the lies of Portuguese police.”

Maddie… Maddie who? We’re watching the parents. If only the Cuddle Cat could talk – perhaps a tabloid writer could get inside the mind of the Cuddle Cat and tell us what really happened? It could be worth millions– like those diaries.

“PLEASE GOD IS SHE DEAD? – Read Kate McCann’s diary”

Isn’t it rude to read someone else’s diary? We don’t wish to pry…

Kate wrote: “I can’t bear being without Madeleine. It’s like torture— a slow painful death.”

Hearing the parents…

Kate’s log of the dark days after Madeleine vanished from their holiday flat reveals the true picture of the tortured woman behind the calm, brave face she had to portray in public, as initial disbelief and numbness gave way to desperation and rage. Often she includes touching messages of love to her missing daughter. It confirms the strength Kate drew from her devout Catholic faith—and frankly admits the doubts the trauma forced her to face.

And it’s entertaining, too…

But knowing what is about to befall them turns Kate’s simple account of the children’s evening bedtime routine into a tense drama…

Stay tuned…

THURSDAY, MAY 3: Milk and biscuits for the kids. I left them with this and books and games and went to have a quick shower/wash my hair. M (Madeleine) tired—sitting on my lap—I read the story of Mog (favourite children’s book).

Brush teeth. To the bedroom with the kids. M pulls away and puts her head on pillow. Kisses goodnight for M. Pulled the door to as far as possible without shutting it. Silence.

Dry hair. Put make-up on. Glass of wine. Restaurant.

(During dinner nearby with friends —dubbed the Tapas 7—the group took turns to check the children. At 10pm Kate discovers Madeleine gone. The McCanns and helpers frantically scour the area until 4am.)

Cue credits. Stay tuned…

FRIDAY, MAY 4: No sleep, Gerry and I started looking through the streets around 06.00 as it was starting to get light. Nobody around. Why not? Desperate.

Minutes seem like hours. Outside of the apartments masses of people asking questions about that night and for descriptions of Madeleine. Long day.

(Then Kate, Gerrry and their seven friends were taken to the Policia Judiciaria, or PJ, headquarters in nearby Portimao to give statements.)

Nobody from the police introduced themselves. Nobody offered us a drink or food. All the police dressed informally and smoking. No sympathy was shown and far from inspiring.

I believe my statement would have been around 15.00 and such. They allowed G (Gerry) to come in with me but seated behind me. Translator present.

The police officer who took us by car to the station was the one asking the questions and afterwards typed the answers on a typewriter. Morose.

We left the police station around 7.30pm to 8pm. After 15 minutes we received a call from the PJ saying we had to go back but they didn’t tell us why. We turned around and flew back at around 200 kilometres an hour. Once again frightening. Did they find her? Please God. Is she dead? Prayers. We arrived—they showed us a photo of a girl they’d forgotten to show us from the close circuit TV footage. Not M. Devastating.

It’s never Madeleine. Not yet. But still the media points fingers…

WEDNESDAY, MAY 23: Gordon Brown (then Chancellor and PM in waiting) called and spoke with Gerry -very kind and giving encouragement.

MAY 31: Two days later her diary recalls: “Pope Benedict XVI arrived in his “pope mobile” waving to everyone. It immediately became clear that he recognised us. He took hold of our hands and he was so gentle, so sincere.
“I thanked him for having allowed us to be there with him. He said he would pray for us and that he would continue to pray for Madeleine and for her safe return. I gave him the photo of Madeleine—he blessed it (with the thumb)—something that we would be able to keep for ever. A shy man but very friendly.

It’s the big news story, and people want in…

SUNDAY, JUNE 17: Cherie Blair (then the Premier’s wife) phoned to find out how we were…

I also had the chance to speak to Tony (then Prime Minister) who told me that we weren’t to hesitate to ask him if there was something he could do to help.

And what did they do?

SATURDAY, JUNE 2: I can’t remember today (which is now yesterday!). The morning was spent doing paperwork. I wrote a letter to JK Rowling, asking for her help in keeping M in the public eye. She has a new Harry Potter book which will come out in July. I asked if it would be possible to do something like a bookmark with M on.

Rowling did help with the reward. The big names wer massing around the big story…

SATURDAY, JUNE 2: Cried again in bed—I can’t avoid it. I need her close to me. Thinking about her fear of pain breaks my heart. Thinking about paedophiles makes me want to tear at my own skin. Of course these people, like psychopaths, aren’t “normal” human beings.I was never in favour of the death penalty, but these people should be kept in a secure place.




Furious British police threatened legal action against Portugal’s Madeleine McCann investigation cops in a row over paedophiles, The People can reveal.


Portuguese officers planned to name up to 80 British sex pests who were known to be in the country at the time the youngster went missing.

Why would they do that?

But Leicestershire force’s Detective Superintendent Stuart Prior blocked the move, claiming that naming registered sex offenders would do nothing to help the Maddie investigation – and could lead to vigilante attacks.

Yes, that sounds right and proper.

A legal source close to Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry, both 40, said yesterday: “There was a huge row between the British and Portuguese police which was finally settled out of court.”

So British and Portuguese police did liaise and agreed on certain things. How does this make the Portuguese bungling?

VENTURA COUNTY STAR: “Safety vs. independence Parents worry about kids traveling alone”

As a child, Debbie Veney Robinson rode city buses to school starting in the second grade. But this year, her 12-year-old daughter, Maya, is safely buckled in the car for the ride to eighth grade at a Catholic school.

Parents around the country are struggling to decide how their kids get to school — walk, ride a bike, take a bus or be driven by an adult — in a landscape they say has changed since they were kids.

Robinson, who lives in Washington, D.C., is among those who walked or rode public transportation when they were kids, but now drive their children to middle school or walk them to a bus stop half a block away.

“I do worry about children being abducted, because it happens,” Robinson said. “I think the best choice is to protect them as long as you can.”

And Our Maddie?

Many experts say parents’ fears of abduction are overblown, a result of intensive media coverage of cases like the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the British girl who vanished while on vacation with her parents in Portugal last year.

Madeleine McCann: spreading the fear…

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