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Madeleine McCann: An Interview With Raymond Hewlett

by | 25th, May 2009

maddy-hewlett2BILD, the German tabloid, has spoken with Raymond Hewlett, the convicted paedophile, about being on the Madeleine McCann radar.

Interestingly, the paper blurs a  picture of his face. Innocent until proven guilty? Well, in Germany, it would seem so. But in the UK..?

BILD: How are you?

RH: “Not very good, more like bad!”

BILD: When will you be questioned regarding the Maddie McCann case?

RH: What do the police want from me? The investigations in Portugal were closed a long time ago.

BILD: And what about the cases from 1975, in which you are accused of being involved in the rape of two young girls?

RH: I don’t have anything to do with that. I came to Germany because my wife and our six children live here. My wife is looking for a lawyer for me at the moment.


Witnesses who have tried to pass on information about potential new sightings of Madeleine have been told by detectives they will not investigate “because the case is closed and Madeleine is dead.”

Daily Mail: “The prison letters from Madeleine paedophile suspect Raymond Hewlett that blamed his young victims for attacks”

Convicted paedophile Raymond Hewlett blamed his young victims for his sickening history of sex attacks, his prison letters have revealed.

In a series of self-pitying notes from his jail cell, the serial child sex offender wrote that one of his victims had ‘complete control of the situation’ and that he ‘just went along with it’.

He whined: ‘People are trying to make me into some sort of monster… I’ve got so much love to give but every time I give it something seems to go wrong.’

The letters to his family showed no sign of remorse and Hewlett, now 64, desperately tried to convince his daughter Gina that he was innocent of his crimes.

And this links him to Our Maddy how?

In a spidery scrawl, littered with grammatical errors, Hewlett wrote…

And so it goes…

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