Anorak News | Goat-Kid Monster Born In Maboleni Zimbabwe

Goat-Kid Monster Born In Maboleni Zimbabwe

by | 29th, September 2009

goat-manA MONSTER has been born in Zimbabwe. No, not Mugabe – a real monster that’s part goat, part man, so they say.

Goat-Kid was born in Maboleni. Goat-Kid has a living pink head and the face of a disfigured baby, one that they say looked like a goat. Got-Kid had a tail, kinked legs and a shoulders like a small child’s.

So the locals burnt it.

Local Governor Jason Machaya kicks over the embers:

“A grown man was responsible for this.”

A vet suggests hydrocephalus, aka water on the brain.

But it’s a monster. It has to be. Or viral marketing for a new Britney Spears sex tape.

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