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The Media Destroys Stephen Gately With Drugs And Suicide

by | 12th, October 2009

7912500STEPHEN Gately died over the weekend. When a celebrity dies the media goes into hyper-drive. In the coming days their will be analysis, praise, eulogies and criticism. But for now there is mourning and chance for whispered tones and mawkishness. And speculation. And talk of suicide and drugs.

Get this from the Press Association:

Mystery over cause of Gately death

Well, until the post-mortem, held tomorrow, there are no hard facts about Gately’s cause of death. But the Belfast Telegraph has a list of causes its working through:

Boyzone’s Stephen Gately didn’t die from drugs, says grieving family

Gately also didn’t die from lots of other things. The introduction of drugs into the narrative is unwarranted, raising more questions than it answers.
The Daily Mail delivers this headline, full of speculation and talks of those drugs:

Stephen Gately: The Boyzone star’s secret life that drove him to lies, pills and depression

Why wait for the post-mortem? The Daily Mail get in early with the critique. And you know he was gay. Oh, yes, dear Daily Mail readers, a gay showbiz star:

And when he did finally come out in a blaze of publicity ten years ago, it coincided with him becoming hooked on drugs to deal with a bout [sic] depression so severe he became a virtual recluse who confided to friends his suicidal thoughts.

So his gayness depressed him? Or was it this:

But he confessed to battling frightful depression after Boyzone split. He said: “It was weird being on your own in Asia promoting yourself and not having your buddies. I was on anti-depressants for a couple of years.”

But he was gay. Gay I tells yer. Gay! The Mail clacks it’s marmalade-coated tongue and sprays flecks of spittle:

The feared backlash from the group’s girl fans did not materialise, but Gately later admitted he was subjected to homophobic abuse in his native Ireland and pulled out of plans to buy a home in Canterbury, Kent, because of anti-gay chants by local teenagers.

Kent is in England. Homophobic abuse can be more subtle and pointed than a few pillocks. And the Mail goes on. Take the words “Gay” and “Depressed” and make the link:

Doctors put Gately on antidepressants, but he quickly became addicted to his medication and later admitted: ‘I was a zombie. On these anti-depressants you can’t even laugh or cry.’

And then this gem. You know the talk of his not being a suicide. Well, the Mail mentions it again:

At the time, friends of Gately were privately talking of their fears that he might try to kill himself as he admitted to he had begun to have secret suicidal thoughts.

And his lover, the grieving Mr Andrew Cowles. Let’s investigate him:

Nor was his relationship with Cowles without its share of storminess. Just two months after tying the knot, Cowles was photographed allegedly beating Gately after they had a row while dining at The Ivy restaurant. Gately subsequently laughed off the incident saying: ‘Boys will be boys. We were both tipsy and tired.’

You want depressing? Read the Mail. You can’t handle depressing.
There are some facts:

Sky News: “Tragic Boyzone star Stephen Gately had been on a marathon drinking session and choked on his vomit, according to reports.”

Grim facts.

Gerald Kean, who was asked by Gately’s family to speak on their behalf, said: “There’s no foul play involved and it’s not suicide. It’s just a tragic accident is what we’ve been told and we’re happy that that is correct information. There is nothing untoward, it’s not drugs, we don’t believe, it’s not suicide, it’s not murder, it’s not a fight. That’s what we’ve been told.”

In other facts:

Gately was often spotted relaxing in the upmarket Cappuccino cafe and was recently seen dining with singer Chesney Hawkes in the pricey Portobello restaurant…

It;s nto Chesney Hawkes. You want more facts?

Daily Telegraph: “Stephen Gately dies: Boyzone singer’s partner tried to revive him

Andy Cowles is said to have cried out “Wake up! Wake up!” and then started giving Gately the kiss of life when the singer did not respond. Mr Cowles found him in what police sources described as an “unusual position” – reportedly as if in prayer – on the floor with his head resting on a cushion on the sofa.”

The Times (front page): “Death of Boyzone star Gately shocks pop world”

The Guardian (front page): “A musical, no. but Stephen broke down other barriers”

He was gay. And… Did we mention that he was gay?

Daily Express (front page): “FINAL MOMENT OF BOYZONE STAR 33”

The Express has the “last picture”, which shows the signer looking suited and booted for the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain Award. It is unlikely to be the last picture, given that Gately was on holiday in Mallorca when he died. It is the last picture the press while they look for something more scandalous.

Daily Star (front page): “Tragic star’s final hours”

Metro (front page): “Gately’s death a tragic accident”

Daily Mirror (front page): “TEARS FOR OUR BROTHER”

The celebrities who met him or not queue up to offer their condolences in the full glare of twitter, advertising their caring hearts. But the final words are with Paul Gambuccini, who blessedly manages to look beyond Gately’s sexuality and private life to consider him as a star, a person that many people enjoyed haring and seeing:

“Stephen had this very warm voice. It was not a lead voice in the sense of carrying an entire song with a lot of excitement and conviction, but it was a beautiful voice for colour and for an alteration of mood. He had a successful civil partnership with Andy, and whenever I saw them they were a really happy couple. I will miss him personally and everyone will miss him professionally.”

A Man has died. RIP.

Stephen Gately – a life in pictures…

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