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Amy Winehouse And Blake To Remarry In 13 Steps

by | 16th, February 2010

home50AMY Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil are back together. Heat magazine leads with a picture of the pair in a canoodle.

Amy admits: ‘We’re addicted to each other.

Amy Winehouse & Blake

Heat meets Blake at his flat in Sheffield. All good, then. Only, heat speaks of friends being “terrified” and wracked with “fears” that Amy and Blake will be less than good for each other. These “friends” who sue heat like a therapist to share their private terrors need to ask themselves this: what hurts more, unrequited love or the removal of a “Blake” tattoo from your left bosom?

Amy Winehouse Changing Looks

As for that front-page headline about Amy’s being addicted to Blake, well it comes from a “source” who says it’s “like” Amy and Blake are addicted to each other.

Blake does say that he and Amy have been talking about getting married:

“We speak on the phone at least three times every day.”

And then Blake sounds sensible and decent:

“I need to find a career and to be able to support myself. It wouldn’t make sense for me to move in with Amy. We were addicts together and were very co-dependent. It would be irresponsible for us to move in together straight away.”

It all sounds so low-key, aside from the fact that Blake is sharing his thoughts on independence with heat magazine. And then we’re told that Blake’s mum is writing a book about “what the family went through because of our drug addiction”.

Is this the 13th Step of the famous 11 Step recovery programme – get your mum to write a book and speak to the media?

Heat listens to reasoned and sober Blake and ends with:

“We just hope that Amy thinks long and hard before re-committing to her bad-boy ex.”

That’s the bad boy who lives in a flat, stays clean, is looking for a career and gets on with his mum? Or is it the one who sells magazines?

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