Anorak News | Private Kate Middleton Sues Rex Features And Advises the Plebs To Get A Camera

Private Kate Middleton Sues Rex Features And Advises the Plebs To Get A Camera

by | 7th, April 2010

PRINCE William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton has successfully sued Rex Features for taking pictures of Middleton during a holiday with her family at Christmas. Middleton, represented by Queen Elizabeth II’s lawyers Harbottle and Lewis, scored 5,000 pounds in damages.

And lest you think Kate Middleton a pillock, she says she will donate the cash to charity.

Rex apologises – that full apology at the end of the piece. But before that, private Kate is being interviewed on the website of Party Pieces, you know, the company her family owns. Anyhow, before Waity Katy get to cut ribbons for a living and declare things open – and we might want to see how the jobs going since we will be paying for it –  she wants to share some private things, privately.

Says Private Kate on that dreamy party bag:

“Anything that Mummy would normally never allow me to have. They were always such a treat.”

And Private Kate’s favourite moment:

“The amazing white-rabbit marshmallow cake that Mummy made when I was seven.”

Oh, and Private Kate says that when up to fun and larks, “have a camera on hand – there will always be special moments to capture.”

But not special moments to share. Because if you share the pictures that Private Kate doesn’t like she’ll very possibly sue. And tell Mummy and Mummy’s website.

That apology to Private Kate:

“Although at the time Rex Features did not know that an infringement of privacy had occurred, we now accept that this was the case and that by distributing the photographs we were a party to that invasion of privacy.

“Accordingly we have agreed to pay compensation to Miss Middleton and have undertaken not to syndicate any further private photographs of her. We apologise to Miss Middleton for what has taken place.”


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