Anorak News | Justin Bieber’s X Box Avatar Is A Small Black Girl In A Plaid Skirt

Justin Bieber’s X Box Avatar Is A Small Black Girl In A Plaid Skirt

by | 13th, November 2010

JUSTIN Bieber has met with Jon Ronson in San José, California. The highlights of that interview are:

The Inner Girl:

Bieber’s Xbox Avatar is a “small black girl wearing a plaid skirt

His favourite YouTube videos:

Bieber: “There’s a video called Arab Screaming that’s really funny. It’s an Arabian guy who starts screaming. It’s just hilarious. You should see it. Go.”

Does he read online comments?

“‘You’re so stupid’, ‘Your song sucks’, I even get, ‘You’re gay’ for no apparent reason. What’s the point of that? But then I remember there’s so many people who like my videos who don’t even comment. When I like a video I don’t waste my time commenting. But people who hate you – they’re going to take time to hate you.”


Ronson: “Do you ever feel wistful for the days before you were famous?” I ask.

Bieber: “I’m living my dream and I’m just enjoying every minute of it.”

The Hip Square:

Bieber: “I can do a Rubik’s Cube in a minute and a half,” he says.

“Whatever state it’s in?” I ask.


“Are you a genius?” I ask.

“I wouldn’t say a genius, but I can do a Rubik’s Cube. And sudoku puzzles.”

The Rebel:

Bieber: “Singers aren’t supposed to eat dairy before a show but we all know I’m a rule breaker.”

The Heebie Bieber

He recites the first line of the Shema – the Jewish morning and evening prayer – getting it syllable perfect: “Shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai ‘Ehad.” He pauses. “Christianity was based off of Jesus being a Jew,” he says.


Bieber: “I…” Justin says. “I have a small case of ADD.”

Ronson: “How does it manifest itself?” I ask.

Bieber: “If I don’t understand something, and I’m bored, I don’t pay attention, so my teacher has to really make it fun for me. Every hour he has to give me a five-to 10-minute break. But after the break I’ll be back into it. I’ll be good.”

Ronson: “Have you actually been diagnosed with ADD?”

Bieber: “No. It’s self-claimed.”

The Bieber Descends:

“The huge steel-framed hot air balloon basket is designed to fly me out over the crowd, dipping not quite low enough for them to touch, but close enough for me to see all those beautiful faces.”

Love In The Time Of Bieber

Ronson: “How will you ever find a girlfriend who won’t just spend the whole time thinking, ‘It’s Justin fucking Bieber’?”

Bieber: “That’s what’s hard about this. There are so many girls who would just do anything for me because of my status. Someone told me it’s great to be with somebody who has just as much to lose as you do.”

Well, Yes:

Nearby, there’s a larger-than-life-size cardboard cutout of Justin. The real Justin wanders over to it. “Who are you looking at, buddy?” he mutters. He punches it in the face.


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