Anorak News | Wills And Kate Bullshit Fest: Bel Mooney, Peter Oborne And Other Hacks Compete

Wills And Kate Bullshit Fest: Bel Mooney, Peter Oborne And Other Hacks Compete

by | 17th, November 2010

KATE Middleton and Prince William are to be married and Anorak has licked its finger and pushed into the media orifice. Here are the best and worst of the media’s nodding heads and experts. Enjoy:

Each and every one us will be deeply affected by the looming royal marriage… – Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph

Without British Airways there would be no Kate Middleton, so it seems proper payback that the national carrier will be a leading beneficiary of her marriage to Prince William. Untold thousands will fly with BA to London from across the globe for the holy wedlock of Prince William and the lovely Kate some time next spring or summer. And many, many more will fly out of Britain to escape it. – Matthew Norman, Independent

For Kate and William, their engagement has profound national significance. They will help form our collective imagination. They are now part of what we are as a nation, how we define ourselves as individuals. – Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph

As somebody whose business it is to study the human heart… – Bel Mooney, Daily Mail

Charles’s marriage to Diana in 1981 was widely viewed as a fairytale. This wedding will be the genuine article…

Kate won’t eclipse William, she will complement him, and their wedding, wherever and however they choose to hold it, will lift the spirits of a nation depressed by economic hardship, just as the marriage of Charles and Diana did in 1981. Only this time, the fairytale has every chance of having a happy ending. – Penny Junor, Telegraph

Today we are wiser and perhaps more humane. The unrealistic expectations that destroyed Charles and Diana have gone.- (Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph

It is rare these days that we glimpse broad sunlit uplands, but this is one such moment. – Daily Telegraph

Diana, the bride at every royal funeral and the mourner at every royal wedding, was present in more than just the engagement ring which sat so heavily on the hand of this young woman who must now walk a mile in her bloodied shoes, on a road leading who knows where – Julie Burchill, The Independent)

In an important sense, this betrothal has far more to teach a new generation about relationships – and fidelity, too. – Bel Mooney, Daily Mail

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