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Wikileaks Killed 1300 People And Counting

by | 3rd, December 2010

WIKILEAKS has killed 1,300 people. OK, not killed but led to their deaths. Not our opinion but that of fame-hungry Julian Assange, who has undone the brilliant site by steering it towards an anti-USA agenda and media prominence.

He claims that Wikileaks swung the Kenyan 2007 elections. There was much bloodshed:

“1,300 people were eventually killed, and 350,000 were displaced. That was a result of our leak.”


“On the other hand, the Kenyan people had a right to that information and 40,000 children a year die of malaria in Kenya. And many more die of money being pulled out of Kenya, and as a result of the Kenyan shilling being debased.”

Spoken like a true hard-nosed capitalist. As he said:

“WikiLeaks is designed to make capitalism more free and ethical.”

The dead will doubtless salute the ideal…

UPDATE: Now Assange denies it.

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