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Joanna Yeates: Libel, Chris Jefferies And Thousands Of Student Die

by | 3rd, January 2011

JOANNA Yeates – now the media’s Jo Yeates – was killed – and her killer is at large. The police say women should take “usual” precautions to ensure their safety. Given that Joanna Yeates might have been abducted from her home, this advice seems weak.

Perhaps the usual precautions involve not talking to Chris Jefferies, the man released on police bail? The educated, erudite man billed as a “pillar of society” by one neighbour who actually knew him was monstered by the media until he morphed into something that resembled a blue-haired, child worrying, potential serial killer.

Ch Supt John Stratford, of Avon and Somerset Police:

“I can understand why the public in the local and wider Bristol area have concerns for their safety at the current time. Whoever killed Joanna remains at large.

“However, I want to reassure the public that at this time there is no specific intelligence or information to suggest an increased threat to their safety.”

Reuters hears that and tells its readers:

Police calm safety fears after architect’s murder

The Telegraph’s Martin Evans hears the same police advice and interprets it as:

Joanna Yeates murder: Clifton residents told killer may be in their midst


But with thousands of students due back in the area following the Christmas break there is widespread concern that the killer could strike again if not caught soon.

In the Sun, Emily Nash tells readers of the:

Riddles police must answer to nail her murderer

Riddles? She means questions. And her to help them is an expert:

DAVID Wilson, Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University, looks at the key questions that remain unanswered:

There is only one question: who killed Joanna Yeates. But Nash, like all tabloid hacks, like to produce a list. She opts for eight questions. But it might as easily be ten or 20.

Meanwhile, Keir Mudie tells Star readers:

RELEASED landlord Chris Jefferies has gone into hiding amid fears of a vigilante attack.

But why would people want to attack a man who must be presumed innocent – a man the police consider so dangerous they have released, albeit on bail? Maybe they read the Star’s Steve Hughes, who informed us:

Former pupils at Clifton College in Bristol told how Christopher Jefferies, 65, loved to make lewd sexual remarks to children.

How is Mr Jefferies?

Last night a relative said: “He is fine. There has been enough damage done. You will hear more about this.”

Thanks to the media, the murder of Joanna Yeates may well reach libel court before it reaches a criminal one.

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