Anorak | Katie Price Divorce: Alex Reid Grows Hair In A Very Bad Place

Katie Price Divorce: Alex Reid Grows Hair In A Very Bad Place

by | 16th, January 2011

KATIE Price tells a friend who tells the NoTW that she wants Alex Reid “out of my house and out of my life for good“.

Described as “furious” and a “blond bombshell” (the more exclusives Jordan gives a paper the more desirable she becomes) Jordan says walking Toffee Crisp Reid has “turned into a fame-hungry sponger”.

That would be the Big Brother winner Alex Reid whom Jordan married after he won the show for fame whores?

We learn:

“He wanted to become a TV personality like me, a magazine columnist like me and advertise clothes like me. I hated that. He became a fame-hungry sponger, a clone of Pete and I realised there was no love there.”

But the best bit is still to come. While we get to see a quotidian photo of Katie in her knickers we are treated to a unique vision of Alex:

Instead she has moved sister Sophie into a spare bedroom and relegated Reid to a dressing room until he finds a place to go.

He’s living in the dressing room?

Now pals are concerned he is close to sinking into a depression which could lead him to turn to his cross-dressing alter-ego again.

How bad is it?

One worried mate told us: “In the past when he’s got depressed he’d lock himself in his room for days and Roxanne would come out.

“The same thing is happening now. We’ve never seen him this low. He’s stopped shaving his body and has grown some hair which he only does when he’s in a very bad place.”

Is the dressing room that bad..?

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