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Vanessa Feltz, Channel Five And The Living Hell Of Writing For The Daily Express

by | 19th, January 2011

VANESSA Feltz might be post-gastric band but she continues to fill the daytime schedules like a bulking agent in a packet of own-brand baps. She’s the face and more of a terrific show on FIVE (owner: Richard Desmond). Readers of the Express (owner: Richard Desmond) will surely be tuning in.

David Stephenson is the Express’s TV reviewer. Under the headline “THE WEEK’S REVIEW: FANTASTIC VANESSA FELTZ IS A MUST-SEE”, he tells readers how rubbish the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are.

C4 has trapped people in the land of repeats

So not like Channel Five, then, which follows Vanessa with CSI (repeat), The Business Inspector (repeat), Animal Rescue Squad (repeat)..?

Stephenson has more:

New to the market last week comes The Vanessa Show (Five, Monday-Friday), the most promising new show in daytime television.

Billed as the “Queen of Morning TV”, there’s little doubt that Vanessa has ample energy and brims with confidence on the sofa. Her break from television has given her a new chutzpah.

It keeps getting better:

However, the best feature of her presentation style is that she doesn’t fall into the common trap of worshipping celebrities like modern-day saints (Lorraine being by far the worst offender, followed by This Morning).

So says the Daily Express, sister organ to OK!, which this week tells us:


And who says of the “fearless” Kardashian sisters Kim and Kourteney:

“The girls parents have instilled a work ethic in them which has seen them release perfumes, books and workout DVDS, when they’re not busy with modelling shoots and silver screen appearances.”

And the porn. Do no forget the porn.

Anyhow, Nessy is a refreshing change to the fawners. Ack to Stephenson:

The presenter went on to explain how Kimberly, with her model looks, must make women insanely jealous to the point of “hate”.

Hate… Hate….Hate… That might be the word the Daily Express hack has whirling about his head as he writes more politburo missives…

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