Anorak | Joanna Yeates: Papers Debate Vincent Tabak’s Uncertain Chin And Paul Vermeij Reacts

Joanna Yeates: Papers Debate Vincent Tabak’s Uncertain Chin And Paul Vermeij Reacts

by | 25th, January 2011

JOANNA YEATESVincent Tabak – can the press agree on even the most simple of facts? No. Vincent Tabak’s brief, Paul Cook, will apply for bail at the Crown Court today.

The case is on the front page of the Mirror:


The Sun:

“Parents shun Jo suspect”

And the Star:

“Jo suspect in freedom plea today”

The Sun hears a source supply some speculation in light of news that some DNA from saliva was found on the victim’s breasts:

“The fact that DNA samples have been found on her bare body could well mean whoever murdered Jo tried to sexually assault her before hand.”

But Mr Tabak has not been charged with sexual assault.

Meanwhile, Krissy Storrar was in court for the Mirror. She sees Mr Tabak’s “maroon” top:

Clean-shaven, 6ft 4ins Tabak was flanked by an interpreter, when he was asked by the clerk: “You are Vincent Tabak, is that correct?

Brian Flynn and John Coles were in court for the Sun:

THE man accused of murdering Jo Yeates appeared in court yesterday looking pale and unkempt – and wearing borrowed glasses.

The Express was in court:

Tabak, 32, unshaven and dressed in a bright red knitted jumper and navy trousers, spoke only to confirm his name, age and address during a five-minute hearing at Bristol Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The Mail’s Paul Harris was in court:

In court, he was bespectacled, unshaven and unexpressive. He wore a bright red knitted jumper over dark casual trousers and had the sleeves pulled up tightly to the elbow.

So much for the facts in a press that can’t even agree if the victim is called Joanna or Joanne, nor if a verge is “ditch“.

Paul Vermeij is the Tabak family spokesman. He says of the  family Christmas:

“A family gathering like this is very common in the Netherlands. They arranged it a long time in advance. They would have been walking in the park, eating out, partying and playing family games. It was a big family celebration. Nobody noticed him acting any differently from usual. He was his normal, happy self. They are completely convinced he is innocent.”

The case continues…


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