Anorak | ‘It’ Girl Louise Glass Sues Sky Over Richard Keys Smashing Her Life

‘It’ Girl Louise Glass Sues Sky Over Richard Keys Smashing Her Life

by | 30th, January 2011

TIME to hear more from Louise Glass, the former Jamie Redknapp love interest. She’s in the news because the now former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys – the Touchline Taliban and Alan Partridge wannabe – asked Redknapp if he smashed it.

The Sunday Mirror leads with the not-in-the-least-bit-overly-dramatic-front-page headline:


This is no longer a tabloid report into a crass comment; it’s an episode of Judge Judy in which the victim enters the hushed courtroom. All eyes turn towards her. Susie Boniface approaches the jurors (that’s you):

Housewife Louise Glass’s peaceful life in a quiet Dorset village was shattered this week when the whole nation heard the £500,000 a year sports presenter goad his TV guest Jamie Redknapp about Louise, a former girlfriend.

But he never named her, at least not in the leaked video. And had she not been now posing for photos in the Sundays, we may not have noticed her again. Has her life been shattered, smashed, even?

“I was stunned…Richard Keys spoke about me like I was some old whore. Like I was nothing…My life has turned upside down and now I’m the one paying the price of their slapstick.”

Paying the price? (Did Mrs Glass get paid for this interview?) How so? Susie Boniface eyes the jurors:

Louise’s world has been devastated


Louise and her ¬husband Jimmy are taking legal action and intend to sue Sky   for breach of privacy and defamation of character.

Can she not just forget about it; ignore the tabloid calls to speak and create more devastation?

“People say it’s just banter and was private, but normally people can walk away from that if it’s something they don’t want to hear in the pub or ¬whatever. This is not private now and I cannot walk away from it.”

Given the tabloid interview, it’s getting less private all the time. This is a big deal. If someone makes comments about you in what they believe is a private chat and you learn of it, you can sue.

Boniface calls the victim to the stand:

“That night I didn’t sleep at all, I was terrified there’d be people outside taking pictures of us. Then next morning there was a knock at the door and there was a journalist asking me if I was ‘it’. I’m a normal person with a young family and the whole thing was just awful. My son said ‘why don’t they just leave us alone?’”

The jury shift in their seats…

As time passed her anger grew. She said: “The more you think about it, the more you think ‘that’s offended my Dad’. I’ve got a little girl who’s nearly nine and I’d be horrified if anyone spoke about her like that.”

If anyone asked a footballer if he’d shag a nine-year-old, we’d be horrified too…

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