Anorak | Kim Kardashian Washes Off Her Nose: Photos And History Play

Kim Kardashian Washes Off Her Nose: Photos And History Play

by | 9th, February 2011

EVER lie awake at night wondering what a chat between Victoria Beckham and Marie Curie, or Florence Nightingale and Kerry Katona, or Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Kardashian would go like?

Someone at Harper’s Bazaar did. And they hooked up the Hollywood legend with David Gest’s pal Taylor and recorded the chat for posterity. To avoid confusion , Kardashian dresses up as a Cleopatra on her way to a Russian oligarch’s pool party.

Before Liz is ready for the walking assp, Kim wants to confide in us. Come closer:

“I worked out once. I gained like 10 pounds. All the papers were like, Kim’s pregnant! I ate the nuts on the street corner, the hot dogs, the street meat. It was not a joke.”

Eating street meat on straight-to-tissues home movie is one thing – eating it on the actual street is no joke.

KIM KARDASHIAN: You are my idol. But I’m six husbands and some big jewels behind. What should I do?

ET: Stick some jewels in your six-times behind and get further divorced from reality.

No. Liz is a lady. She says:

ELIZABETH TAYLOR: I never planned to acquire a lot of jewels or a lot of husbands. For me, life happened, just as it does for anyone else. I have been supremely lucky in my life in that I have known great love, and of course I am the temporary custodian of some incredible and beautiful things. But I have never felt more alive than when I watched my children delight in something, never more alive than when I have watched a great artist perform, and never richer than when I have scored a big check to fight AIDS. Follow your passion, follow your heart, and the things you need will come.

KK: For this story, we were inspired by Cleopatra. What’s your advice on how to be a queen?
ET: I have never wanted to be a queen! Cleopatra was a role, and I am an actor, so it was fun to play one, but it’s not real…

Kim laughs. She’s done her history at Blockbusters. She knows the truth. She’s probably also done transgression therapy and knows that her sparked Cleopatra’s lifelong interest in depilation.

KK: You have always been ahead of your time—and now you’re on Twitter…

Ahead of her time would men not being on Twitter.

As Liz wonders if it too late to audition as a gladiator, Kim begins to talk about herself:

She attributes the nose debate to her favorite makeup trick, contouring.

“Someone saw me last night and my nose was so contoured. And they were like, ‘You’ve had your nose done?’ And I was like, ‘No, wait until I wash my face.'”

In your street meat…


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