Anorak | Colombian Cocaine Smugglers Use 100ft-Long Submarine: Photos

Colombian Cocaine Smugglers Use 100ft-Long Submarine: Photos

by | 14th, February 2011

YOU are about to see photos of a submarine used by drugs smugglers in Colombia. It was seized by the Colombian Navy at a rudimentary shipyard in Timbiqui, department of Cauca.

News is that the sub was already moved 8 tons of cocaine into Mexico.

El Tiempo reports:

The sub presents the use of advanced technology seen for the first time in this country, and its construction must have cost the narcotraffickers more than 4,000 million pesos, according to the Naval police of the Pacific.

The sub is 100ft long. There are others:

From the boat, Alonso could see one of the shipyards people had always gossiped about in Buenaventura, where submersibles are built out of fiberglass in the jungle, out in the open, to be used for transporting cocaine.

The only way to reliably locate the vessels is through thermal imaging performed by air surveillance crews. But the drug gangs quickly found a way to overcome this problem. They attached thick pipes to the hulls of the submersibles, allowing exhaust gases to be fed into the water, which cools the gases.

Life under the ocean waves:

Each of the men tried to sleep after his shift, but the stench and the noise on board made this impossible. They had to drink copious amounts of water to make up for the buckets of sweat constantly running off their bodies. Their main source of nourishment was condensed milk, the Peruvian “Leche Gloria” brand. The stench from fecal matter, which couldn’t be disposed of during the trip, soon became almost unbearable.


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