Anorak | Raoul Moat: David Cameron’s Hoodie Shoots Pc Rathband

Raoul Moat: David Cameron’s Hoodie Shoots Pc Rathband

by | 3rd, March 2011

RAOUL Moat: Pc David Rathband is at Newcastle Crown Court. He’s giving evidence at the trial of Qhuram Awan, 23, and Karl Ness, 26, who are alleged to have aided Moat willingly. The men deny conspiracy to murder, attempted murder, a firearms offence and robbery.

It’s front-page news because a woman has allegedly said something to Pc Rathband. The Mirror reports:

THE hero policeman blinded by gunman Raoul Moat was yesterday targeted by a sick joker who yelled “bang, bang” behind his back. PC David Rathband, 43, was walking into a court when the woman struck, making a vile shooting gesture with her hand.

Is this the same vile gesture young hoodie Ryan Florence made to David Cameron in 2007, the one the Daily Mirror said displayed his “sense of humour”?

Pc Rathband was blinded when Moat shot him the face. But the 22-year-old woman with the hand gesture never shot him. Sky News calls it a “prank”.

A witness said: “PC Rathband was approaching the front of the court building when this woman stepped out behind him and went ‘bang, bang’. He was being accompanied by a family liaison officer who turned round and saw this woman making a gun sign. It was extremely offensive.”

In court, Qhuram Awan says he was only with the 37-year-old because he was afraid of him. He kept a diary, in which he wrote:

“It’s all getting too much now. It’s like a cross between GTA and Jason Bourne.”

GTA is short for Grand Theft Auto, the video game. Yep, a lot like the one the Daily Star said have issued a special Rothbury edion to cah in on maot murder and mayhem. The one the Daily Star covered in a bollocks story and was forced to apologise for. Intrerstingly, the Star makes no mention of Awan’s GTA comments in its paper…


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