Anorak | The Strange Case Of The Daily Star And Richard Peppiatt’s Death Threats

The Strange Case Of The Daily Star And Richard Peppiatt’s Death Threats

by | 9th, March 2011

WHEN Richard Peppiatt resigned from the Daily Star for, as he claims, the paper’s anti-Muslim bias and writing stories “simply plucked from my arse”, he achieved a kind of fame and surely gave a lift to his mooted new career as a writer of a TV show about life on a tabloid newspaper.

Angry Mob wondered if the Star would not dig up dirt on him:

“A personal attack on him – irrespective of what was dug up – would only increase the wider support for him – and increase his fame.”

Peppiatt now alleges that he is the victim of a hate campaign:

Peppiatt contacted police on Monday after he claimed to have received more than 30 abusive texts, emails and silent calls. He alleges they included warnings such as: “I am going to meet u now, pepps” and “you’re nowe a marked man till the day you die – Oh dear”. Another said: “we are planning a kiss n’ tell on you”.

Some personal details divulged in the messages leads Peppiatt to speculate that they may originate from his old newsroom but a spokesperson for Daily Star owner Northern & Shell categorically denied this saying “Every single one of them not only categorically denied it but evinced great surprise that the allegation had been made.”

The Daily Star would seek to avenge a rebel reporter – who admits to having made up stories – with a barrage of threats emitting from its office? Really??

Police are attempting to trace the origin of the derogatory messages.

Good. Any idiot who threatens Peppiatt deserves a knock on the door from the police.

But the speculation as to where the threats came from is unnecessary. It’s very much like the kind of thing the tabloids would do – you know, the ones the writer seeks to lampoon, allegedly…

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