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Madeleine McCann: JK Rowling Advertorial As News And Kate’s Secret Trips

by | 11th, April 2011

MADELEINE McCann: “JK Rowling’s MADDY BOOK”, is big news in the Daily Mirror, where the Harry Potter’s writer’s new work makes the paper’s front page.

Instantly we cry foul. What chance has Kate McCann of achieving stellar sales for her own Madeleine reader if a top writer like Rowling is entering an already pretty crowded marketplace?

Already this month, Leo Robson told New Statesman readers about King of the Badgers, a work of fiction, by Philip Hensher. In the book, a child goes missing:

The catalytic kidnapping plot, with its echoes of the Madeleine McCann case, is introduced feverishly through the gossip of the salivating yet finger-wagging Hanmouthites, but then gently developed; it is through David, talking to Mauro, that we find out “they’ve arrested the girl’s mother”, and it is a walk-on character, a family man with a dogging habit, who finds a crucial corpse.

Back in the Mirror, we are told:

The Harry Potter author gave the devastated 42-year-old advice and support as she wrote the harrowing details of the night her daughter vanished from their holiday apartment on the Algarve.

So. There is no Rowling Maddy book, then.

We learn that Rowling, who boosted the reward fund, “helped Kate and Gerry to secure their book deal. She suggested they use her literary agent ­ Christopher Little, who arranged a publishing contract with Transworld.”

This front-page story reads a lot like an advertorial.

What other facts can the Mirror’s Greig Box-Turnbull deliver? Well, we learn that the McCanns are “both doctors”.


After numerous false hopes in the search the book may be one last throw of the dice for the family.

In short, the front-page news is that the missing child is still missing and there are no new leads as to her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, the Sydney Morning Herald has news:

The family of missing English girl Madeleine McCann are aiming to reach 80 per cent of the world’s inboxes in two weeks with a viral email and photo reminding people of her disappearance.

The email features an photos with the “distinctive imperfection in her right eye which her parents hope could be the vital clue to her discovery”.

So. Who gets the message?

Her aunt Phil McCann said: ”I am asking everyone I know to send this as a chain letter as the story is only being covered in Britain, Eire and Portugal. We don’t believe she is in Portugal any more.”

Over in the Express, Kate McCann is in fear:

A source close to the publishers told the Sunday Express yesterday: “Kate doesn’t want to give anyone the opportunity of heckling her or attacking her during any promotional tour. It’s been emotional enough just writing the book.”


Public book-signings have become a risk for celebrities.

Last year former prime minister Tony Blair was pelted with eggs and shoes by anti-war protesters at a signing in Dublin. A year earlier X Factor star Leona Lewis was punched in the face as she signed copies of her autobiography in London.

In the Telegraph, we learn of Kate McCann’s “secret” trips:

Kate has made at least two secret trips to Praia da Luz in the past 12 months. She stayed with Haynes Hubbard, the Anglican priest in the village, and his wife, Susan, who is now a close friend.

“Look at her face when you see the television and newspaper pictures,” says Father Hubbard. “She doesn’t enjoy being in front of the camera but she is prepared to do it because it might bring her child back.

“They need money to carry on the investigation. They will never stop looking and that’s why this book has been written. It probably tears them apart to do this but the child is worth it.”

So much for the secrets.

An innocent child is missing. There are no suspects. There is no proof of a crime having been committed. We are just watching the parents – as we have been for years…

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