Anorak | Why The BBC And The Guardian Are Gunning For Murdoch And The Sun: That News Of The World Ethos Is Not Dead Yet

Why The BBC And The Guardian Are Gunning For Murdoch And The Sun: That News Of The World Ethos Is Not Dead Yet

by | 7th, July 2011

THE News of The World is dead. The BBC’s 10 o’ clock news leads with the story. The BBC’s Question Time leads with the story. The media loves talking about the media more than anything. It’s all about access, you see, and rivalries. Rupert Murdoch’s Sky rivals the BBC’s news. The BBC has publishes no newspaper but it does have close links with the Guardian. Murdoch has the powerful Sun. The Guardian went for Murdoch on the phone hacking scandal and GOTCHA! they got him. Job done? Not quite.

We told you not to be shocked .

Autonomous Minds takes a view:

THE churnalists are up in arms.  The carefully constructed media narrative has it that the News of the World, and by extension the entire Rupert Murdoch empire, has singlehandedly ruined the reputation of journalism.

We are witnessing manipulation par excellence at play, as reports that personal details of families of war dead and serious crime victims were found in the possession of Glenn Mulcaire are spun to suggest their phone messages were intercepted despite there being no evidence (as yet) that such actions happened.  Emotions are running wild and large tracts of the British public are being herded like sheep into a mind numbing mantra against not just those who may be responsible at the News of the World, but also its owner and his future business ambitions.

Make no mistake, I carry no brief for Murdoch.  But I cannot stand seeing the British people being misled by his opportunist opponents who have a self serving agenda that is not in the interest of the public.

The hypocrisy and double standards at play here are incredible.  The Guardian has not pursued this story for the noble aim of getting at the truth, but in a desperate effort to undermine Rupert Murdoch, with the full connivance of its broadcast arm, the BBC.  The phone hacking scandal, while criminal and disgusting, is nothing more than a rider for a campaign where something far greater is at stake maintaining the left-liberal media consensus that holds sway in this country, ably laid bare by  this 2009 column by Stephen Glover in the Mail in which he refers to this ‘intellectual tyranny’.

There is a cosy left leaning consensus in the UK media which sees reporters easily slip from the BBC to Channel 4 to ITV because they are all members of the same exclusive club.  It is the same in the newspaper broadsheets, Guardian journalists are just as comfortable at the Telegraph and there is interchange between them despite the supposed politically partisan nature of two organs.  The reality is the UK television media is not only part of the establishment, it is grouped firmly on the left.

There is no right-leaning television counterbalance to the output in this country.  But as Fox News in the US has shown, reporting of stories from a small ‘c’ conservative perspective puts a very different gloss on things and offers viewers an alternative to the media discourse broadcast on the established channels.  Fox is routinely sullied by the leftists, but it appeals to a significant audience that is no longer forced to rely on CNN or MSNBC’s liberal output, and as such it has become the dominant cable news network in the United States.

Imagine if such an alternative was to emerge in the UK, an alternative that resonates with ordinary people who can see the bias but whose only choice is to listen in or hit the off button. Sky News has the capacity to become that kind of news outlet if it is wholly owned by a conservative even though Sky would have to spin off the channel from the rest of the BSkyB group.  Sky itself could play host to current affairs and documentaries coming from a conservative viewpoint.   The BBC don’t want that and the Guardian, which influences so much BBC output, doesn’t want that either.  Which is why the phone hacking issue has been transformed by the Guardian and BBC into the campaign it really is stop Murdoch from owning Sky.

The cynicism is sickening, but the stakes are the highest.  This is about exerting influence over the British people.  The propaganda broadcast on any number of issues, from climate change to public spending, is designed to underpin the ‘progressive’ agenda.  That influence will weaken if a conservative leaning alternative is available for viewers to choose.  Love him or hate him, Murdoch has the capacity to deliver that alternative which is why he is being assailed.

In the US the other media spend an inordinate amount of time attacking Fox because they recognise it as a threat to their influence.  Viewers are not being served an exclusively diet left-liberal menu which omits stories or information from a conservative viewpoint.  Here in the UK we now see the media attacking Murdoch because they see him as a threat to the British people continuing to be served the current diet of

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