Anorak | Chelsea captain and Sun monster John Terry turns mansion into QPR shrine

Chelsea captain and Sun monster John Terry turns mansion into QPR shrine

by | 12th, January 2012

CHELSEA and England captain John Terry has a “£4.6m MYSTERY MORTGAGE“.

Sun readers pricks up their ears. A football story on the front page is always of interest. But where’s the sex? The money angle is dull. John Terry’s mortgage is right up with John Terry’s pension plans, John Terry’s life assurance policy and John Terry’s huge endowment in the sensation stakes. Reading on we learn:

Massive loan for England skipper’s £2.2m mansion

Well, John Terry does earn massive wages at Chelsea. The Sun says he gets £170,000 every week. That should cover any loan for his Oxshott, Surrey, pile. Also, he bought the property for that figure back in 2003. It might be worth more now, as might Terry.

JOHN Terry has mysteriously remortgaged his mansion for a fourth time — taking his home loan to a massive £4.65MILLION.

The paper’s then makes a suggestion as to why the player did this:

Land Registry records show the England skipper, 31, who has a history of gambling, did the deal last June.

The inference is clear: he might have needed the money to gamble with. Do banks give mortgages for that?

It was the same inference the Daily Mail made in 2010:

John Terry’s £4m mortgage mystery: Why did disgraced £170k-a-week Chelsea defender need huge cash loan?

Land registry documents show that the Chelsea star – sacked as captain of England on Friday – purchased the house in Oxshott for £2.25million in July 2003. But in January last year he took out a mortgage with Queen’s banker Coutts to the value of £3.95million. Financial experts believe the move is unusual, particularly for a man earning £170,000 a week. Denying any suggestion of money problems, however, his agent insisted last night that the footballer was simply taking advantage of a generous rate of interest to fund other property deals. At the same time Terry continues to be beset by rumours about gambling problems, although sources close to the defender say he ‘doesn’t bet on the scale he did in the past’. However, he still has an account with a bookmaker specialising in wealthy private clients which friends insist he pays off in full every month.

The Mail tossed in a photo of Vanessa Perroncel, with whom it is alleged Terry had an affair, saying he is alleged to have paid £750,000 to secure her silence.

It was reported last night that Terry also instructed advisers to approach a number of other girls he fears could wreck his career.

Back in the Sun, the paper’s Richard White, “Chief Showbiz report”, adds is his rehash of the Mail’s earlier story:

That took the soccer star’s home loan to more than TWICE the value of his mansion when he bought it.

According to this property price tracking site, house prices across the country doubled since 2002.

Also, Terry may well have made improvements to the property.

White goes on to speak with a “source” who echoes pretty much exactly what the Mail’s “experts” said:

“It is very unusual behaviour for someone earning significantly more than half a million pounds a month.”

How unusual? We’re not told. The 2011 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings said:

April 2011 median gross weekly earnings for full-time employees were £501, up 0.4 per cent from £499 in 2010.

Sun readers can still only imagine what people earning 1000 times their salary do with the cash. White adds:

The value of Terry’s property will have risen since he first bought it. Yet the oddness of the Premier League star’s property decisions goes further.


He bought mum-in-law Sue Poole her mansion next door to his own for £1.85million in August 2007, but remortgaged on June 7 last year — the same day he remortgaged his place for the fourth time.

Go on:

Months earlier he won planning permission to turn Sue’s site into a ten-bedroom super mansion.

So. What was that bit about the gambling, then? John Terry has bought property and seen its value rise. He now wants to develop the site.

Work began six months ago and is due for completion in December. Terry aims to move there with wife Toni and their five-year-old twins Georgie John and Summer Rose.

That’s it? Cripes! Bring back phone hacking and the kiss ‘n’ tell. And hurry. Can the Sun exist on a diet of John Terry’s home improvements? Will his debate over cornices or no cornices go to a phone vote?

Plans for the pad have caused outrage among locals, with some branding it a “monstrosity”. Under his planning permission, Terry has seven years to finish the project.

He got planning permission. Anyone who has ever tried to improve a home knows that this can be an arduous task. The introduction of the word monster seems aimed more at Terry than his home. Indeed, the Sun spices its property report with news that Terry “is at the centre of a race storm.

Unless that massive home has equal lots of black and white granite and marble Terry is damned.

The defender bought his mum Sue Terry a £3.15million mansion 150 metres from his in 2007. But he appeared to try to free up cash as he then attempted to sell it for a huge profit. First he asked £5million in 2010. He then cut the price by £250,000 and — when it still didn’t shift — by another £500,000 to £4.25million. During this time he also tried to sell his own mansion for £6million, but was unable to achieve the asking price and withdrew.

To recap: Terry stuck his toe in the property market to see if he got a bite. He asked £6m for a home that now has a $4.65 mortgage. The Mail says the home was worth £4m in 2010. Terry then decided to stay put and use his wealth to develop the site. Taking an average between the £6m and £4m, Terry’s home is worth £5m. Is that £4.6m mortgage such a shocker?

Having missed its target and lost the point of its article, the Sun then reports:

A friend of the star said viewers “raised questions over taste” after Terry astroturfed the front garden.

What? Like a QPR fan would in the 1980s?!

White then ends his toothless piece by telling readers:

His agent said Terry, facing race charges after an on-pitch row, had a “vast property portfolio in the UK and around the world”.

Remind us again how that race row affects John Terry’s mortgage? And remind us also why the Sun hates John Terry?

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