Anorak | Winkelhimer is the painting squirrel sensation (video)

Winkelhimer is the painting squirrel sensation (video)

by | 19th, January 2012

SHYLA Mouton introduces Winkelhimer, the painting squirrel. Says Mouton, an artist known as ‘Ugly Shyla’:

“I was watching her from the kitchen window crawl down the tree. Then I saw a cat attack her. I rushed out there to help her. One of her front legs was messed up pretty bad. I put her in a little box on the porch to make her comfortable because I didn’t think she would make it through the night.”

Winkelhimer lived. And now the squirrel is “painting abstract works of art that have been auctioned off“.

Old Mr Anorak, our patron, is keen but prefers realism. Can Winkelhimer do different styles, other than paintings that reflect life in an unreal way? Shyla enthuses:

“She’s a natural. She loves yellow and blue of course because she looks at my blue hair all the time. He’s really good at manipulating the paint brush with her good front leg and mouth. She still can’t do a lot with her arm that was hurt.”

Cynics might say that if you give loaded walnut wood brush to a squirrel sat on pice of paper it will make a mark as it tries to eat said brush. But would it paint a stunning abstract version of Diana and Actaeon.

Spotter: Karen

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