Anorak | Courts bans woman, 29, from sex – Child snatching State owns your body and your baby

Courts bans woman, 29, from sex – Child snatching State owns your body and your baby

by | 6th, February 2012

THE State owns the body of a 29-year-old women. Mr Justice Hedley says the woman’s autism and IQ of 64 make her too mentally negligible to understand the dangers of sex. As such, he has imposed a “very restrictive” order on her. This will protect her from “potentially exploitative and damaging” relations. The ban mens anyone having sex with the woman could be charged with sexual assault or rape.

One man has been convicted of attempting to rape her. Also, the woman known only as ‘H’, had engaged in “exploitative and unconventional” behaviour with a “group of much older men”.

Were these much older men victims of their mental capacities?

Says Mr Justice Hedley:

“It is strange, but nevertheless true, that even the freedom to make unwise decisions is one that the court is required to guard and only to restrict if and when the best interests of [the woman] so require…Under the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards order to which she is subjected and the latest ruling, the restrictions “prevent H from engaging in sexual relations (which she would otherwise willingly do) because she does not have the capacity to consent and they will be potentially exploitative and damaging.”

So. Who owns your body? And if you think this is a rare event-  think again. H can’t have sex. H is banned from being a mother. Social services have removed a child from its mother moments after the birth. H is powerless to defend herself in the face of the State.

And what of Fran Lyon, 22? She gave birth to Molly Linda Anna on the 13th January 2008. Northumberland County Council wanted to remove her child from her at birth due to “perceived” intentions of harm.

Fran for her part however, has no criminal conviction although she has had some psychological help for rape and other unrelated issues.

Said the pregnant Fran Lyons:

“It is incredibly upsetting not knowing if I will be allowed even to hold my baby. Until social services became involved in my life, I was having a normal pregnancy and was full of excitement. They have taken away what should be the most precious time in my life – and I will never get that back. I’m already in love with my baby. I can feel her moving, I talk to her. I’ve bought her baby books and clothes. You just can’t undo that attachment.”

The decision by Social Services was as a result of an assessment made by a paediatrician (who hasn’t met Fran) that she may suffer, from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

Pregnant Fran Lyons fled to Europe.

In 2010:

Kerry Robertson, 17, who has mild learning difficulties, and Mark McDougall, 25, went on the run after British social services said she was not clever enough to raise a child. But just four days after Ben was born, Irish social workers marched into the maternity ward and forced them to hand him over.

Within a fortnight, baby Ben was returned to his devastated parents. Kerry was bright enough to sell her story to the media. As Kerry said:

“I was so upset when I saw him the first time with the social workers because he had a dummy in his mouth. I told them I didn’t want him having a dummy. And he is being bottle fed, but I wanted to breastfeed him.”

This is happening in the UK now…


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