Anorak | Whitney Houston: cherchez the lesbian in the death bath (photos)

Whitney Houston: cherchez the lesbian in the death bath (photos)

by | 15th, February 2012

THE list of things that killed Whitney Houston grows ever longer. Today we can add lesbianism and a “death bath” as tabloid reasons why The singer died..

The Daily Star leads with “SEX TORMENT THAT KILLED WHITNEY”:

WHITNEY Houston binged on the drugs and booze that killed her because she was a secret lesbian, it was claimed last night.

Being a secret lesbian killed her? The Star reprots:

Pals including gay rights activist Peter Tatchell even insisted her marriage to Bobby Brown was a smokescreen for her true sexuality. He said: “It’s important to tell the truth about this aspect of her life.”

Says he:

“Whitney was happiest and at her peak in the 1980s when she was with her female partner. They were so loved up and joyful together. Perhaps her inability to accept and express her same-sex love contributed to her substance abuse and decline.”

Perhaps. Such is the, er, truth. The Star, in the interests of balance to speculation, adds:

His comments sparked a storm of outrage from Whitney fans who branded him a “racist f***” and slammed him for taking a “cheap shot” by “outing” a dead woman.

While the Star’s front page look sat the “cheap shot”, and we ask ‘What role did turmoil over race and sexuality play in the deadly drug habits of Whitney Houston & Jacko?’, the Sun leads with a photo of the “DEATH BATH”.


The water is still in the bath, so too are what appears to be a white flannel and a dark hair bubble. Sadly, no shot of the dead star, but ghouls can still wonder if the water will be sold off in small vials and forensically checked for signs of legal drugs, illegal drugs and lesbians. The Sun is informative:

It was nearly filled to the rim with water. A silver dish — believed to be a gravy boat — can be seen next to the plug hole. The dish was understood to have been filled with olive oil, which Whitney used to keep her skin soft, according to US showbiz website TMZ.

Any other facts?

Meanwhile, pictures emerged showing a meal Whitney had moments before her death. The star ordered a hamburger, fries, a turkey sandwich and jalapenos, according to reports.

What we ned is top-line celebrity detective to pull the strands together… Here’s Nancy Grace:

“I’d like to know who was around her, who, if anyone gave her drugs…and who let her slip, or pushed her, underneath that water? Apparently, no signs of force or trauma to the body. Who let Whitney Houston go under the water? They were medicating her out the yin-yang.”

Cherchez the lesbian, as they say in th tabloid press….


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Rising star Whitney Houston is seen with music producer Clive Davis, in 1983, shortly after signing a contract with Arista Records. (AP Photo)


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