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Anyone with a 3D printer can make your keys from a photo

3d key


In the file marked ‘What could go wrong?’ we slide Dave Pedu’s Openscad model capabale of producing a Kwitset key from a photo. All you need is a 3D printer and your house-key can be duplicated.

Rather than simply duplicating an existing key, [Dave] created a parametric key blank in OpenSCAD; he just enters his pin settings and the model generator creates the print file. He printed ABS on a glass plate with a schmeer of acetone on it, and .15mm layer heights. Another reason [Dave] chose Kwikset is that the one he had was super old and super loose — he theorizes that a newer, tighter lock might simply break the key.

So, a reminder: Don’t post a picture of your keys on the socials since at this point it’s certainly possible to script the entire process from selecting a picture to pulling the key off the print bed.

Expect criminals to be nicking 3D printers some day soon…

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Watch The Gun That Makes And Fires Paper Airplanes

A GUN THAT Makes And Fires Paper Airplanes.

The A6 V1.0 Paper Airplane Gun Papierfliegerei wins the playground arms race:

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In photos: Buttercup the backwards walking duck gets a 3D-printed prosthetic leg

buttercuip duck amputee

BUTTERCUP the duck only had one leg facing the right way. The left leg faced backwards.  Buttercup was going nowhere fast. But science could help.

At the Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary, Buttercup’s leg was was amputated. The medics built him a 3D-printed prosthetic leg based on a mould on his sister’s left limb.

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The Liberator 3D gun secures victory for who owns the best printers

liberator gun

TEXAS University law student Cody Wilson has printed and fired a 3D gun. The gun was manufactured on a 3D printer that cost $8,000 (£5,140) from eBay.

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Kiwi Minister says 3D printers can produce drugs, planets and MPs

Maurice-Williamson 3d
3D printing is the new wonder what will turn your home into a factory. But New Zealand’s Customs Minister Maurice Williamson is gravely concerned. He says the average household printer will soon be printing contraband:
“If people could print off … sheets of Ecstasy tablets at the party they’re at at that time, that just completely takes away our border protection role in its known sense… In the near future we will need to protect a digital border instead of just locating physical objects as we do now. If it’s made of atoms, you’ll be able to print it… [it] will change the very existence of mankind beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations”
Beam, him up, Snotty:

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Blending real objects with 3D prints – Lego bricks in a stone wall

MIXING 3d printing with real world objects – a sandstone block built from lego, blending real objects with 3d printing. Greg Petchkovsky does the work with Lego. But what else could this technology be used for?

Alfio has an amputed leg. He wonders if the technology could help him.

Every morning before putting on the sleeve and the prosthesis, I have a dressing bandages and cotton to absorb the bumps and shape the stump with the convex tip. This is very annoying… I tried to make the molds by dipping the residual limb in bowl of silicone. It’s not good.. Do you think that this process is applicable in my case?

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