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7/7 Bombers Wanted To Be In The A Team: Life Copies Four Lions

THE 7/7 inquest is underway and what we are learning is that suicide bombers that murdered 52 people are needy, vain, nihilists who craved fame and inhabited a world of fantasy in which Mohammad Sidique Khan played Face from the A Team to Germaine Lindsay’s BA Baracus. (Chris Morris’s Four Lions was close to the knuckle.)

Yep, the mass murderers wanted to be American soldiers of fortune living in LA.

4 July 2005:

Mohammad Sidique Khan to Germaine Lindsay: “Face you mutha fucker il rearange ya face if ya stab me wiv dat needle cos i said i aint getting on no plain fool.”

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What Happened To Davinia Turrell – One Face Of The 7/7 Attack (Pictures)

ON July 7, 2005, Davinia Turrell was badly injured in the terror attack on Edgware Road station. Islamist Mohammad Sidique Khan murdered 6 people, not including himself. He damaged the lives of many more. A train had just left platform 4 at Edgware Road and was heading for Paddington when Kahn detonated his bomb. Davinia Turrell was seen with gauze over her face, on her way to first treatment at the London Hilton Metropole. What happened to her? Well, she married and changed her name to Douglas. And her face changed. She did as everyone did in London that day – she carried on:


Picture 1 of 6

Walking wounded leaving Edgware Road tube station to be treated at the London Hilton Metropole on Edgware Road. Explosions ripped through central London, with scores feared dead and the city plunged into chaos.

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Guardian Combines 7/11 And 7/7 To Make New Terror Outrage On 7/11

NEWS coming in that 52 people have been killed by bomb explosion at a 7-11 store in New York.

Her Majesty The Queen, in New York to spread good will, settle Prince Harry’s bar tab and lay a wreath to the victims of 9/11 is not thought to be injured.

The Guardian has more…

9/11 In Pictures

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7/7 Is A Story Best Told In Pictures

AMJAL Masroor’s face is added to the seven whose lives were “altered” when Islamist bombers murdered 52 people on July 7 2005 – the 7/7 massacre.

We see Gill Hicks, who lost her legs; Farrah Jarral, a surgeon who treated horrific wounds; Raj Babbra, whose former lover Benedetta Ciaccia was murdered on the Tube near Aldgate; John McDonald survived Edgware Road amid “a horrible slime, there were bits everywhere”; Esther Hyman’s sister Miriam was murdered on the number 30 bus; and George Rhoden is a copper who witnessed the horror at King’s Cross Station.

This that this is no random group but one selected to illustrate the killers’ will to just kill anyone: Farrah Jarral is an Essex-born Asian woman; Gill Hicks is a white woman; Raj Babbra is an Asian man who dated an Italian; John McDonald is a Christian; Miriam Hyman was a Jew; and George Rhoden is black.

Point made. But why is Amjal Masroor there? Well, he’s an imam. And his life was “altered” in a moment that “Changed their world” because Muslims were angry and frustrated and…

“…I was scared that the reprisals may be very severe.”

Understandable. But the repisals wer not severe.

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Hyde Park Memorial To July 7 Victims in Pictures

7532577THE new memorial in Hyde Park commemorating those lost in the London terror attacks on July 7, 2005, will be unveiled tomorrow.

Londoners who walk past the site have already seen it.

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High Times In Class C As Pupil Gives Teacher Hash Cakes

HIGH times at Class C, at Wortley High School in Leeds, West Yorks, where a 15-year-old has been expelled after, allegedly, giving hash cakes to two teaching assistants.

Says the Sun:

The members of staff fell violently ill with dizziness and severe headaches hours after tucking into treats the teenager made at home.

It was cannabis. Well, “probably”. The Sun says the cakes have not been tested.

The student would seem to have right to appeal, and should we not applaud her home economics skills. She did not buy the hash cakes ready made but produced them self from scratch, and all natural ingredients.

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