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Adrian Chiles Gets Ready For His Close-Up



ITV presenter Adrian Chiles at the St Jakob-Park Stadium, Basel, is ready for this close up.

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Posted: 8th, September 2014 | In: Sports, TV & Radio | Comment

Adrian… er, Adrian Chiles…uh…gives…. er, gives… uh… pause for… uh…thought

Chiles (2)


PAUSE for thought?

Hello… and… uh… welcome to… er….welcome to… uh… this… uh… article… in which we, er…. will be… uh… touching… on… an issue which… er, which is… uh… becoming increasingly prevalent in… the…uh… in the… broadcast… media.

Listen to Radio 4’s Today or PM flagship current affairs programmes and you will hear the mellifluous Scottish tones of two presenters in an increasingly intensive competition to break the world record for dead air by the simple expedient of… pausing… between… almost every… other… word.

But this phenomenon is nothing to do with uncertainty, or nervousness, or an inability to string two words together. These are assured, experienced, eloquent, senior journalists.

So why do they do it?

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Posted: 28th, June 2014 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts, TV & Radio | Comment

Daybreak Replaces Adrian Chiles And Christine Bleakley With Toby Jug And Plate Of Beans

SAD news for the country’s Daybreak fan: Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles have been sacked from presenting the ITV morning show.

This is Chiles, the former BBC presenter of business and then sport who got into the mood while covering the Beijing Olympics by attempting a forward roll in his hotel room. He “executed it”. This was presenting from the Stanislavski school. Morning telly fans expected to see Chiles lumbering into the shower as he presented a segment on cooking with seaweed and up to his chin in a plate of eggs, bacon and black pudding as he chaired a studio debate on why World War 2 tyrants favoured a front crease in their trousers.

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Posted: 19th, November 2011 | In: TV & Radio | Comment

ITV Fail As Patronising Adrian Chiles Is Cut Off By The Adverts: Stoke City Fans Relieved

MANCHESTER City win the FA Cup and ITV’s Adrian Chiles performs a majestic fail. In seeking to patronise praise Stoke City fans for sticking behind at Wembley for a few moments rather than making a dash for the exits and the long drive home, Chiles opined:

“Full credit to Stock fans. On these occasions too many fans from the losing team…”

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Posted: 14th, May 2011 | In: Sports | Comment (1)

The One Show: Adrian Chiles Gags, Lenny Henry Kills And Cilla Black Noshes George Harrison’s Avocado

ADRIAN Chiles is the moribund, miserable face of the ITV World Cup output. But he used to be on The One Show – as ghastly as it sounds –with Christine Bleakley listening to Cilla Black saying “George Harrison introduced me to Avocado” and Lenny Henry killing more than just jokes – people, people: he killed people.

We are, of course, only joking. Our pal Casetteboy has pulled together a compilation video of Chiles’s The One Show best bits. He should use it as his showreel. The video makes Chiles look interesting, edgy and funny. TV can lie. And it can lie very well…

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Adrian Chiles Loses £1Million On GMTV

ADRIAN Chiles has been robbed of £1milion. The bloke-next-door-styled TV diva has left the BBC under a cloud. The story goes that he had a hissy fit at talk of replacing him on The One Show’s Friday night slot with Chris Evans.

So, will it be the ordinary bloke who can read an autocue without laughing and mocking the content of the thing he’s trailing (now, John Craven visits a homophobic windmill in Stroud)  or the man whose TFI Friday show was a hit and who in his pomp enlivened a moribund telly schedule? Tough call.

Or is it? Chiles become the byword for early evening rebellion on the telly by wearing Frank Bough’s hairy knickers as a beard.

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Posted: 20th, April 2010 | In: TV & Radio | Comment