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Manchester United Swap ‘Respected’ AIG For Aon

aig_man_utd_cartoonMANCHESTER United has signed a four-year shirt sponsorship deal with the insurance giant Aon Corporation.

Aon will replace troubled US insurer AIG. Says the AON website:

Manchester United massively grows their sponsors’ brand recognition
• After one year’s sponsorship of Manchester United, the AIG brand was entered as the 47th most recognized brand in a survey of globally recognized brands
• 90% of Manchester United fans sited AIG as sponsor after first year
• AIG then jumped from 84 to 30 on Barron’s most respected list

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Posted: 3rd, June 2009 | In: Sports | Comment

AIG Workers Told To Travel In Pairs

AIG Workers have received a memo telling them, to fear for their security…

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Bus Tours Of AIG Executives’ Homes

IN the US, Connecticut’s Vote Working Families – “formed by a coalition of community organizations, labor unions and neighborhood activists to hold politicians accountable on the issues that matter most to working and middle class families like good jobs, affordable healthcare, decent living wage jobs, fair taxes, good schools, reasonable utility rates and more – is offering bus-tours of the mansions of the AIG executives.

We’re all mad at AIG. Their executives bear a large share of the responsibility for bringing the economy to it’s knees, and now the same folks are getting hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses — at our expense. Join us for a field trip to bring them the message.

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AIG Recruits Che Guevara

AIG has made its demands known – unless bonuses are paid in full than something bad might happen to you one day. It’s best to be sure so pay up without delay.

Protection is all. Do we understand each other?

In the spirit of achiveing a mutal understanding, AIG has now recruited Che Guevara to run its financial products division.

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Anorak Was Right About AIG

TIME to stare once more at the horror which is AIG; first it needed $85 billion, then it needed another $38 billion.

A week ago I predicted that more would be needed.

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AIG And A Voodoo Are Walking Down Wall Street

AS AIG, the world’s largest insurance company, continues to work its way through the best part of $125 billion, courtesy of the US taxpayers, its auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers must be nervously wondering whether they will suffer the same fate as Arthur Andersens, the massive accountancy firm destroyed by the Enron debacle.

PWC has covered its back to a certain extent; it insisted that AIG’s accounts disclosed a material weakness in the valuation of the credit default swaps.

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The Great AIG Partridge Hunt

I’M sure that we are all relieved to discover that the little matter of AIG having to be rescued by the US taxpayer didn’t stand in the way of the top brass continuing to take the occasional break from the stresses and strains of corporate life.

Sadly, however, the New York Attorney General, Andrew M. Cuomo, seems to think that dispatching a handful of A.I.G. officials to England on a private jet for a partridge hunt that reportedly cost about $90,000, after AIG had received $85 billion of the taxpayers money was ‘unwarranted and outrageous expenditure’.

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The Idiots Guide To The Lehman Brothers

LEHMAN Brothers bank collapses, proof that capitalism works and you’re never to big to go under.

Big news, then. But the red-tops have a problem: they need to make their readers understand what Lehman Brothers was. They do this by finding an easy point of reference and talking down to them in words of one syllable or fewer.

THE SUN (front page): “CRASH – BANG – WALLOP”

Jobs have been lost. Lehman’s hasn’t half a sixpence to its name. But what does it man? Well:

“Manchester Utd sponsor AIG could be next.”

That’s right. Man United fans might be forced to buy a new shirt. And with the season but a few weeks old. For shame!

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