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Alexander Litvinenko was murdered for free

The Daily Telegraph dashed out to read up on Polonium 2010, the radioactive poison used in 2006 to murder Russian spy in London.

The paper tells readers  is a “lethal but hugely expensive substance to manufacture”. It adds that Polonium 210 “would have cost “tens of millions of dollars if bought on the open commercial market”.

No. The World Health Organisation says it “can be derived from lead-containing wastes from uranium, vanadium, and radium refining operations”. In other words, Polonium 210 costs nothing to make on account of it being a waste product of the nuclear industry. You don’t need to buy it for ten of millions of pounds – not if you know a few high-ups in the Russian nuclear industry, say. They probably give the stuff away.


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On This Day In Photos: Alexander Litvinenko Is Murdered In London

ON This Day In Photos – November 23, 2006: Alexander Litvinenko died.He had been poisoned. His death was slow agonising. Who killed the former KGB spy? We may never know.

In 2000, Litvinenko his wife and son fled Putin’s Russia. He would work for Boris Berezovsky, the billionaire Russian exile.

In 2006, Litvinenko had tea at Mayfair’s Millennium hotel with Andrei Lugovoy and Dmitry Kovtun. Three weeks later, he was dead. He had been poisoned with radioactive polonium-210.

Lugovoy is the prime suspect. But Russia will not send him to Britain. Lugovoy had been at Berezovsky’s 60th birthday party in London. He was once the security chief for Mr Berezovsky’s television station in Moscow. He had access. Says he: “I do not know how or why Mr Litvinenko died.”

Litvinenko accused the FSB of ordering assassination attempts against Boris Berezovsky.

Lugovoy is now a Russian MP.

Rusian State television says Boris Berezovsky masterminded the murder. He sued All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting. He won 50,000 pounds damages.

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