Anorak News | Alexander Litvinenko was murdered for free

Alexander Litvinenko was murdered for free

by | 21st, January 2016

The Daily Telegraph dashed out to read up on Polonium 2010, the radioactive poison used in 2006 to murder Russian spy in London.

The paper tells readers  is a “lethal but hugely expensive substance to manufacture”. It adds that Polonium 210 “would have cost “tens of millions of dollars if bought on the open commercial market”.

No. The World Health Organisation says it “can be derived from lead-containing wastes from uranium, vanadium, and radium refining operations”. In other words, Polonium 210 costs nothing to make on account of it being a waste product of the nuclear industry. You don’t need to buy it for ten of millions of pounds – not if you know a few high-ups in the Russian nuclear industry, say. They probably give the stuff away.


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