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In Pictures: Naomi Campbell And Kate Moss Work Alexander McQueen’s Memorial Service At St Paul’s


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Kate Moss arrives at a memorial service for Alexander McQueen, held at St Paul's Cathedral in central London.

THEY came to say their goodbyes (again) to Alexander McQueen at a memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral in central London. The A-list fashionistas were all there to produce what’s pretty much been the best show at London Fashion Week. We spotted: the equine Sarah Jessica Parker, the ever-bright Kate Moss (who says you can’t get off your face and still look good? Well, everyone apart from Moss), Bobby Gillespie, Anna Wintour (thin), Jefferson Hack (thinner), Daphne Guiness (how everyone hoped they weren’t sat behind her), Stella Tennant and Hilary Alexander, Fashion Director of the Daily Telegraph, wearing Diana’s Ross’ old hair…

Alexander McQueen RIP

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The British Inspiration Awards Back By CLOWN In Pictures

TO the Brewery for the British Inspiration Awards, to celebrate businesses and individuals who make Britain great. Presented by, er, Richard Madeley. The awards have been backed by Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg – politics own Three Stooges, an act tantalisingly one banana skin away from being funny. We call them CLOWN. David Attenborough, Damien Hirst, Ian McKellen and Alexander McQueen are all nominees. We spotted designer Gareth Pugh, Anthony McPartlin (left) and Declan Donnelly, Blue Peter presenter and Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis. No sign CLOWN…


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Anthony McPartlin (left) and Declan Donnelly, arrive for The British Inspiration Awards, at The Brewery in London.

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Alexander McQueen: Jumping On The Story In Breasts, Pictures And Celebrity Tweets

ALEXANDER McQueen had died. His spokesman asks for “Privacy” from the media. Will the death of a fashion great be a private affair? Answer: no. It’s the * ‘Alexander McQueen Suicide Mystery?’ , a chance for Tweets from the celebrity mourners – Kelly Osbourne: “i really just dont know what say im really in shock” ; Peaches Geldof: “RIP Alexander McQueen.”Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”- T.S. Eliot”; Katy Perry: “Rest In Peace Alexander McQueen. Just woke up, so sad”, and the wonderfully opportunistic: “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sex And The City Stylist “Shocked” Over Alexander McQueen …” Pictures (NSFW):


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NOTE ALTERNATE CROP. The body of Alexander McQueen is removed from his home in Green Street, London.

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Alexander McQueen Goes Vintage: A Career In 77 Pictures

ANORAK Celebrity Death Alert service tells readers that British fashion designer Alexander McQueen has died. He is now a vintage brand. RIP. A spokeswoman for McQueen says:

“Mr McQueen was found dead this morning at his home. We’re devastated and I hope you understand that out of respect to his family and his colleagues we’re not going to be making any further statement.”

Yet. The pictures:


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NOTE ALTERNATE CROP. The body of Alexander McQueen is removed from his home in Green Street, London.

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