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Anthony Atamanuik understands why Donald Trump says everything twice

Anthony Atamanuik’s impression of Donald Trump is superb.

David Hepworth explains why Atamanuik’s impression works so well:

Like all TV personalities he [Trump] only believes in one thing, which is the thing that appears to be going down well at this particular moment. When he says things it’s clearly the first time he’s thought them. Which is why you can observe him hearing them coming out of his own mouth. They’re clearly as fresh to him as they are to us. And as soon as he’s heard himself say something which sound OK to him he repeats it.

There are two reasons for this. So that he can enjoy the sound of it and also give his mouth time to prepare the next thing to say.



Spotter: David Hepworth

Posted: 9th, May 2017 | In: Politicians | Comment