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Anna Chapman: Anya Kushchenko’s Family Sell Agent 90-60-90 Photos

ANNA Chapman, aka Anna Lushchenko, aka Anya Kushchenko, is on the front page of the Daily Mail. She is the “SPY WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS”. She is the nuclear sex bomb spy sat at the dinner table with her former husband Alex Chapman.

Chapman is fitter than the identikit mould of the thick chested Rosa Klebb or Ethel Rosenberg. Russian media have given her a number: “Agent 90-60-90” (her vital statistics).

Chapman has secured the services of the publicist Max Clifford. We should expect lots more insight into his four-year marriage to the “femme fatal”.

Only, she isn’t. Anna Chapman has convicted of no crime. She is an alleged spy. In fact, she isn’t even that.

The prosecution have yet to produce any evidence of deep intelligence being passed by the “spy ring” to their Moscow handlers. In fact the Russian agents were not even successful enough to face espionage-related charges, being accused, instead, of failing to register with the US authorities as representatives of a foreign power, and omitting to declare income for tax purposes.

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Posted: 3rd, July 2010 | In: Key Posts, Reviews | Comments (2)