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Apology of the week: the Sun reviews the ‘Real life Mr Bump’


OTHER than that the story was correct. The Sun:

In an article ‘Real life Mr Bump has had 34 ops’ (11 January) a picture caption mistakenly said that Mr Terry Butler had been ‘in prison’ for 15 months instead of ‘in hospital’.

We apologise to Mr Butler and regret any distress caused.


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Twitter ‘troll’ apologises to boxer on live TV… and he shouldn’t have

curtis james troll

REMEMBER when people knew what the word ‘troll’ meant? Those were glorious days and trolling was an artform, where people could peevishly derail arguments with bizarre logic and playing Devil’s advocate. However, like the dickhead in the schoolyard who has learned a new word, the media are now applying ‘troll’ to people who act like arseholes.

See, when someone just shouts abusively at someone or starts a campaign against a dead person on Facebook, they’re not trolling, they’re being either stupid for reaction or plain nasty. Trolling, by and large, is winding people up.

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Apology of the week: The People v Roger Moore

YESTERDAY The People published an apology to former The Saint and James Bond star Sir Roger Moore:

On 16 September we published an article headed “I’ve had Moore women than James Bond” which claimed that Sir Roger Moore had recently spoken exclusively to The People and made comments to our journalist about his private life. We now accept that Sir Roger did not give an interview to our reporter and did not make the comments that were reported in the headline.

We apologise for any distress and embarrassment our article has caused to Sir Roger Moore and we have agreed to pay him damages and legal costs.

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Bunnyman McCullogh Surprises Everyone By Acting Like A Complete Tool During Gig

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN frontman Ian McCullouch is a berk of the highest order. Long before Liam Gallagher was spouting off about being the best band in the world, McCullouch was swaggering around like he invented music itself.

Which of course, they didn’t. In fairness, they did peddle some cod-psychedelic indie for a while, before sloping off into the middle distance, only to return in the late ’90s with a bunch of songs that sounded like Starsailor b-sides.

Good for them. Still, it hasn’t stopped Our Ian from preening and posing, as well as causing needless bother in the name of ‘rock ‘n’ roll’.

During a show on Wednesday in Glasgow, McCullouch stormed off-stage and challenged some poor sod to a fight.

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Katie Holmes Settles With Rag That Accused Her Of Being A Druggie

JUST because Katie Holmes married Scientology poster-boy Tom Cruise, it doesn’t mean she’s on drugs. The taking of drugs explains a lot of erratic behaviour, but Katie is keen to point out that, if you think she’s a bit of a lunatic, she’s like that of her own free-will.

And this whole drug thing has seen the actress settling a defamation claim with US celebrity magazine, Star, after they falsely suggested that she was constantly ripped to her tits on good quality drugs.

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