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Indian Army thinks planets Venus and Jupiter are Chinese war drones

venus indian army

THE INDIAN Army believes Jupiter and Venus are not planets; but Chinese drones. The BBC says the Indian Army has keen keeping a close watch on massive drones over its air space.

Tensions are running high on the border known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

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In photos: The Summers Solstice at Stone Henge 2013

TODAY more than 20,000 people celebrated the summer solstice at Stonehenge ahead of the £27 million transformation of the site. In the 19th century, visitors were given a small hammer to knock off a piece off the stones. Now you’re lucky if you touch them at all. People are being removed from the Henge. The new car park will be over a mile away. Drivers will take a road tain to the ancient site. The stretch of the A344 which runs beside the monument will be shut and grassed over. There’ll be a shop and a cafe. Seeing the Henge will cost.

I remember visiting as a boy and sitting on the rocks for free, and again as a teenage on my way to the Treworgey Tree Fayre 1989 (Gaye Bikers On Acid made my ears ring for a week).

This year, a few lucky ones – druids, pagans, tourists, New Agers – got within carving distance of the Stones. A police officer told media that “Solstice 2013” had been a success. Yep, it’s been branded. Solstice 2013. STick it on a fridge magnet and cash in.

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