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Forget Bloody Sunday – It’s The Ballymurphy Massacre Inquiry We Want

BLOODY Sunday is salved with the Saville report. The killed 14 were innocent. The British Army killed their own countrymen. But what of other killings? What of the Ballymurphy Massacre? Eleven died. Between the 9th and 11th of August 1971, during Operation Demetrius, Francis Quinn, Hugh Mullan, Joan Connolly, Daniel Teggart, Noel Phillips, Joseph Murphy, Edward Doherty, JohnLaverty, Joseph Corr, John McKerr and Paddy McCarthy died.

Richard Borth investigates:

Bloody Sunday – in pictures

How much traction this is going to get is difficult to judge. So far, only the BBC seems to have covered it – the so-called Ballymurphy Massacre in August 1971, just short of six months before Bloody Sunday. Then, 11 people – ten men, including a local priest, Father Hugh Mullan, who was shot while giving the last rites to a dying man, and a mother of eight children – were killed, again by soldiers from 1 Para.

Now, on the back of the Saville Report, the relatives are demanding their own inquiry into what they claim is the brutality of the Paras, remarking on the similarities with Bloody Sunday where the British system also “connived in a cover-up.”

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