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So, Melanie Philips and Barbara Hewson: what percent of paedophiles read the Daily Mail?

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MELANIE Phillips dips her toe into the Barbara Hewson ‘scandal’ (the barrister called for the age of consent to be reduced to 13 and offered non-mainstream views on Operation Yewtree, the Met’s investigation into historical sex abuse sparked by Jimmy Savile post-death revelations). She writes:

…in any event, the age of consent has been progressively eroded. Irresponsible teenage magazines — which are read by much younger children — endlessly promote a bordello menu of sexual activity.

Schools dish out contraception and abortion advice to pubescent children — advice blessed by paediatricians, who claim that if a child is old enough to ask for it, she is old enough to give her meaningful consent.

For photos of “sexy” underage girls who didn’t give their consent see the Daily Mail here , here, here, here and here.

Wonder what per cent of paedophiles read the Mail?

The Daily Mail’s staff meetings must be wonderful…

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