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Bear filmed opening cars door and looking for cash and phones

bear car copy

BEFORE I read The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, I’d supposed the best way to evade a bear would be to show it a picture of drippy Rupert Bear in his hideous trousers and hand it a pass to a local golf club. It turns out that the best way to escape a bear is to not sleep in the same clothes you cook in and go for the eyes or snout. Times move on, however, and now the best way to survive bear attack is to film it and upload the video on YouTube.

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Tranquilized Bear rains down from tree in Colorado – photo of the year

TO Colorado, where it’s raining bears! This bear has encroached on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus and climbed a tree. It was tranquilized and transported to “higher ground”.

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The Friendliest Bear In The World: A Video Of Awwww Shucks

IT’S the friendliest bear in the world. He’s soooo lifelike. Big brown bears get so little good press. It’s all so much fretting over suicidal polar bears and non-shagging pandas that gets the news media excited. But brown bears can be cute, too. They can wave. Of course, seconds after this video was taken another huge brown bear – the one Snuggles was waving to like a special toddler wearing gloves tied together with elastic – approached the Family Robinson from behind and tried to eat them and their pic-er-nic baskets…

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Irony Explained: Free The Bears

FREE the bears, with irony…


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