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Lady GaGa Grants The Queen And Miley Cyrus An Audience: Royal Variety Show In Pictures

TO Blackpool for the Royal Variety Performance, with Lady GaGa, Miley Cyrus and Bette Midler. As AA Gill said, the French guillotine their Royals, we make ours go to Blackpool to watch a variety show. But Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip did pretty well. As well as Gaga and Cyrus, they saw Chaka Khan, Anastasia and Michael Buble. They got to see American stars. Of course, this the British show, so they also had to endure Frank Carson, Diversity, Alexandra Burke and Lulu – always Lulu. We were there. We’ve got the pictures…


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Queen Elizabeth II American singer Lady Gaga (right) following the Royal Variety Performance in Blackpool.

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Bette Verte: Bette Midler Goes Green

GLOBAL warming quote of the day: Bette Midler…

“Over the years, the number of trucks that I have behind me has grown exponentially and I don’t really like that, I don’t like wasting the gas,” she told me on a promotional trip to London.

“Fourteen trucks, that’s a lot of gas. So I decided I’d stay put for a while,” she added.

It gets better…

Surely moving equipment in trucks is unavoidable for a touring show, I ask her?

“I can avoid it,” she says, shaking her head, and going on to provide an impressive list of her green credentials that would put most celebrities to shame.

“I don’t drive much, I have a Smart car, I have a hybrid, I drive a [Toyota] Prius,” she says.

It’s the wind beneath her wings that powers her on…


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Cheryl Cole Can More Than She’s Cried

“I CAN’T CRY ANY MORE THAN I’VE CRIED,” says Cheryl Cole in OK! magazine.

“SOBBING CHERYL’S AXE FACTOR,” announces the Star’s cover page. “She’s told: Stop all that snivelling or you’re out.”

Cheryl can cry when teh job demands it.

As a judge on the X Factor talent show, Cheryl and has correctly realised that the point of the thing is to reveal the judges to be caring, sensitive, talented people who can cry as some sad sack with adult acne/ a poorly mum/ starving brown bay-bies sings a version of a Bette Midler song.

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