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Dr Who Enthusaist Buys Billie Piper’s Worn Pyjamas For £2000

THE Dr Who auction at Bonhams featured master of the gavel, auctioneer John Baddeley, flogging two pairs of Billie Piper’s pyjamas for £1000 each (pictures NSFW). The nightwear as worn on the show, and is not Piper method acting her roler as Belle de Jour, the tart with a pen of gold. Jason Joiner bought the jim-jams. Says he: “I bought her pyjamas because I wanted clothing from each main character. I won’t be wearing them!” No, save them for someone special…


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Bonhams auctioneer John Baddeley conducts a sale of props and costumes from the BBC TV series Dr Who in London today.

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Billie Piper Performs Katia Ivanova’s Big Brother Sex Scene: Pictures

BILLIE Piper has been doing the rounds talking up her role as whore-with-a-pen-of-gold Belle De Jour, aka nice Jewish girl Brooke Magnanti (all pro diary slappers are nice Jewish girls – where were they when I was growing up? Pictures.) For her role in Secret Diary of Call Girl, Piper s tells the Observer’s Barbara Ellen:

Billie Piper (NSFW)

“I’m not shy of a sex scene,” says Piper, “but these scenes aren’t just pretend penetration in your pants, they’re really exposing. There was one where I had to do it doggy style and make animal noises.

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Billie Piper On Prostitute Belle Du Jour And ‘Knocking One Out’

piperBILLIE Piper would like Marie Claire readers to know that she is not a prostitute.

Sure, Piper did dress up provocatively for a TV – on the press releases Piper wore stockings and suspenders or a rubber dress. But Piper chose to pretended to be a woman who chose to be a prostitute in what ITV called a “naughty new drama” Belle De Jour, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.(Pictures here.)

She was also only pretending to have sex on BBC’s Canterbury Tales. As Belle (Piper) tells viewers:

“Work out what the client wants as fast as you can and give it to him.'”

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