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Lady GaGa: Wazzes In Bins

DULL people who blight this ailing planet of ours look at Lady GaGa like she’s the weirdest thing to ever walk the planet. Alas, they’ve never seen Grace Jones in a corrugated iron dress with a mad hat on, playing skiffle on her own boobs with hula-hooping for entire gigs while frightening everyone with that fixed snarl of hers.

That said, GaGa is obviously quirkier than your average popstar. Compare her to James Morrison. Exactly.

Away from the peculiar dresses and hatching out of eggs at award shows, Gaga also likes to pee in unusual places. Instead of running to the toilet during her shows, she relieves herself in the bins backstage.

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Posted: 21st, November 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Dustmen Block Car With Wheelie Bins: Video

IN this video you will see the binmen / dustmen etc. serving Stephenson Street, Horwich, Bolton, placing wheelie bins about a car that has blocked their shortcut.

Says a council spokesman:

“Despite the fact this took place at least four years ago, we take any incident of this sort of behaviour very seriously, and, had the staff still been in our employment, we would have launched a formal investigation.”

It’s the cats we feel sorry for…

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