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Business fashions do move in cycles: Another World on BB 10

THAT old DOS computer game, Another World. has just been ported over to the new BlackBerry operating system, BB 10. Which just goes to show that fashions in the business world really do go in cycles.

Eric Chahi’s seminal game work, Another World, is now available on BlackBerry 10 devices (so … uh, those of you with a Z10, though it also works on PlayBook). And not just any version, but the 20th Anniversary Edition, which adds updated graphics, a remastered soundtrack, and some gesture controls. The game’s one of several titles that publisher DotEmu is bringing to BB10, including notoriously difficult shooter R-Type.

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Posted: 15th, February 2013 | In: Money, Technology | Comment

Pathetic Police Arrest Man For Organising Water Fight On Blackberry And Facebook

SO tough are the police in David Cameron’s Bullingdon Britain that a 20-year-old man from Colchester in Essex has been arrested for allegedly arranging a big water fight via BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook. The man is charged with “encouraging or assisting in the commission of an offence“.

An Essex policeman addresses media:

“In the light of recent events, we would have to be careful that [the planned water fight] is not all that it seems.”

Are the police observing Blackberry Messenger and Facebook – or are the big US corporations working with the police to profile their customers?

Cameron says he will “look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality”.

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In Pictures: Google’s ‘Nexus One’ iPhone With Free Tiger Woods Umbrella App.

8178485ANORAK was in Paris to see a huge meeting between a BlackBerry, a Google phone Smart phone ‘Nexus One’ and an iPhone.

Tiger Woods’ Women (Alleged)

The summit was a big deal in technological terms and after extensive studies we discovered:

• Nine out of ten iPhone users employ the phrase “I’m on the iPhone” when taking journeys on public transport

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Posted: 7th, January 2010 | In: Technology | Comment