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‘Huge fan of Brooklyn Beckham’s terrible photographs and even worse captions’

Brooklyn’s Beckham’s new book is out. The SADOS (sons and Daughters of Stars) are always wonderfully talented. Brooklyn’s talent seems to be in parody and satire. Brooklyn Beckham has a genius for parody. His photographer’s crap photos skewer vapid celebrity culture. Bravo, lad. Bravo.

Two photos catch the eye – the captions are golden balls:

“elephants in kenya. – so hard to photograph but incredible to see.”

“dinner. i like this picture – it’s out of focus but you can tell there’s a lot going on.”

Parody needs a soft touch. Brooklyn’s is softer than a baby cashemere goat’s bottom:

Spotter: Alice Jones

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Brooklyn Beckham On Quiche, Coffee And Vicky’s Rolls Royce Bottom

THE Sun can “exclusively reveal that “Brooklyn Beckham has landed a weekend job in a coffee shop”.

Teenager gets part-time job in shop is a shocker to the Sun, but comes as little surprise to we who have long known about Brooklyn’s appreciation of buns and pastries:


quiche beckham



The Sun’s story is about how normal and unaffected Brooklyn the part-time model is with fame and fortune. He’s so normal that like many famous and rich people he has his own unnamed “source” to speak on his behalf to the media:

 “Brooklyn has got the world at his fingertips and could have a life of luxury if he wanted — but the lad is not that way inclined… They’re chuffed they’re back in London too, as American children are more spoilt and that’s not what they want to instil in their own kids.”

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Victoria Beckham Introduces Brooklyn Beckham To The Poor – Role Model For A Generation

brooklyn-beckhamVICTORIA Beckham would like you and all Hello! readers to know that she is “incredibly proud” of her son Brooklyn.

Why? Is it because Brooklyn has blended a white T-shirt with black jeans and two-tone trainers under fringe? Not only. It’s also because he is “growing up to be a thoughtful and responsible young man who appreciates her has blessed life and wants to understand and help those who have less than himself.

Those that have less than Brooklyn are just about everyone. So how is Brooklyn going to help us, the unblessed, whom God has overlooked?

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