Anorak News | Victoria Beckham Introduces Brooklyn Beckham To The Poor – Role Model For A Generation

Victoria Beckham Introduces Brooklyn Beckham To The Poor – Role Model For A Generation

by | 18th, November 2009

brooklyn-beckhamVICTORIA Beckham would like you and all Hello! readers to know that she is “incredibly proud” of her son Brooklyn.

Why? Is it because Brooklyn has blended a white T-shirt with black jeans and two-tone trainers under fringe? Not only. It’s also because he is “growing up to be a thoughtful and responsible young man who appreciates her has blessed life and wants to understand and help those who have less than himself.

Those that have less than Brooklyn are just about everyone. So how is Brooklyn going to help us, the unblessed, whom God has overlooked?

Vicky and Brookers are in “one of America’s poorest states”, which is Kentucky. Posh is an “ambassador for Save The Children and has taken Brooklyn along with her too examine the poor kids, perhaps even to touch one. Along with a camera crew, Brookers “witnessed the traumatic effects of deprivation”.

And there is more reason for Vicky to be proud:

“During break time, Brooklyn played basketball in the schoolyard with the other children. I was incredibly proud of how he just got stuck in with all the kids.”

That might be because Brookers is a kid, and kids like playing. Or it might be that he is not like other kids yet managed to blend in and not overawe them?

Brookers and Vicky then enacted an Adidas supplies drop – shoes, backpacks and “learning materials” – and “as a family we donated other school equipments, books, pens and notebooks”.

How did they take it, Posh? Brace yourselves:

“I’m pleased Brooklyn is learning that by helping and joining other children he can play a role in making his generation the greatest yet.”

Good that poor children got books and branded merchandise. But the focus of the outing is the one child who mingled with the poor and survived.

King Brooklyn is born. The role model.


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Victoria Beckham takes her sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz to watch Brooklyn at his first football practice with 'Real So Cal' youth team in the valley of Los Angeles. The Team are sponsored by Nike while father David is sponsored by Adidas.

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