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Rainbow Oneupmanship: A Fallstreak Hole Forms In The Sky Over Wonthaggi, Australia



In this Monday, Nov. 3, 2014 photo taken with smartphone camera, a fallstreak hole forms in the sky over Wonthaggi, Australia. A fallstreak hole is a circular gap that appears in high clouds, when a section of the cloud freezes. The ice crystals are heavy, so they fall out of the cloud, leaving a hole. It is a relatively rare phenomenon. (AP Photo/Leesa Willmott)

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Clouds that look like things – the best ones

CLOUDS that look like things – the best ones are here. Do you see things in clouds?  And, if you do, do you always see the familiar: faces, cuddly animals; people etc.? Might it be that seeing a rabbit in a cloud is not a sign of a big imagination, rather a symptom of a limited one? Still, that for later. Get a lod of that ruddy dolphin:


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Lord Sugar says "you're fired", acted out over Bangkok. Photo by Alex Cliff

Spotter: CAS, The Times

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Woman Finds Alphabet In Clouds: Misses Naked Susan Boyle

DANIELE Siebenhaar has compiled an A to Z of cloud formations. It’s the English alphabet. If she can spot the Japanese Kanji and the Pitman shorthand alphabets, she will be on her way to greatness. Says Denise from her home in Zurich, Switzerland:

“I find myself constantly looking up into the sky and seeing different pictures and shapes. After I saw the letter ‘L’ I decided to spot the whole alphabet. As far as I know no one has found all 26 letters in the clouds before.”

As reader June says: “As far as she knows no-one has bothered to look.”

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